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@Vera Knoop I got into a sniffing contest with my cat last night. He sniffed and then I sniffed and we kept putting our faces closer to each other and then he put his nose right on top of mine and started purring.

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By SuperGogo on Eight Days Alone In: London

@Diaphanous Gown I thought wrong. But is it the right hand elsewhere in Europe? Clearly, I would rather speculate and look like an idiot than take two minutes and google it.

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By adorable-eggplant on My History of Being Fat

@Diaphanous Gown Um, I think the point is that you can't generalize from your experience. You can make a choice to not gain weight, but for other people it is much less simple (or the choice is between taking a life saving medication that will lead to weight gain or staying skinny, right up until death). You never know enough about someone's personal medical history or genetics to know from the outside.

For me, I've always been skinny and now I'm skinny adjacent. :) But I don't assume that other people could make my choices (fwiw, I eat a ton of cake and whole boxes of Mac & Cheese and also mini ice cream sandwiches... daily :D) and be skinny. I certainly can't be sanctimonious about 'choices' cause really, the last time I jogged was over a year ago. Some people see returns on effort to loose weight, other people put in the same amount of effort and see no change, and then some people put in zero effort and stay at a pretty stable weight. It's unpredictable.

Also, anyone recovering from an ED who choses to have a healthy relationship with food, rather than dieting is doing something really brave and commendable. Attempting to loose weight can be much more dangerous than carrying more weight.

Which is why it's so important to not wrap up judgements about moral strength and all that stuff into weight. Someone who makes the choice to eat cake might actually be making the healthier choice (given their personal history) and it's impossible to tell from the outside. Everybody is different.

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By Diaphanous Gown on My History of Being Fat

So just to go in a completely different direction from everyone else. While I thought the article was a bit pointless ("I used to be fat and it didn't upset me and now I'm not" er, good for you?), it was nice to see someone who is around my height and weight describing themselves at 'not fat'. It makes me feel good.

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By doil on My History of Being Fat

@Cat named Virtute Then write a fucking article, about how you are obviously so comfortable and happy with yourself that reading things by choice on the internet doesn't bother or offend you, but like, please it is a little bit boring, can you write something that makes me feel better about myself?

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By doil on My History of Being Fat

If you are insecure enough about your weight that a story entitled "My history of being fat" and the subsequent anecdotes and listing of a height/weight ratio that would in current discourse and medicine be consistently considered almost-fat, then -

The problem is not with the story
The problem is with your self-esteem.

This woman is, to use a cliche, "owning her weight" and writing about it, knowing that there would be critique. If you cannot accept another person's attempt to publicly voice what is obviously personal narrative without getting personally offended, fucking look at yourself.

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By evil melis on My History of Being Fat

i liked this story until she identified herself as "a human woman" would have preferred to continue imaging her as a series of ultraviolet bees

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By stuffisthings on My History of Being Fat

@Nefertitties Oh and incidentally I find it easier to lose weight, should I "choose" to make the effort, than to quit smoking. But I still don't extrapolate my reality onto other people.

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By stuffisthings on My History of Being Fat

@Nefertitties I said "health risk," not "choice that is also a health risk." I understand that most people don't choose to be fat, but that doesn't mean it isn't unhealthy. At least at a population-average level. "Weight loss did not prevent heart attacks in diabetics"? "There is a subset of obese people who are metabolically healthy"? You're grasping at straws.

There are lots of health risk factors that people have little or no control over -- genetic predilection to cancer, for example. If there were social prejudice against those people, saying "My friend's parents both died of cancer and they lived to be 100!" would not be an effective argument against it. And in my opinion would undermine the cause.

Frankly it doesn't matter to me whether being fat is a choice or an inevitability or something in between -- random acquaintances and people on the street don't have a right to lecture me on my health, whether it is "a choice" or not.

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By evil melis on My History of Being Fat

@oh! valencia Cannot like enough. Must like more.

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