On In the Future, All Streetlights Will Be Glow-in-the-Dark Trees

Oh my god. Oryx and Crake, anyone?

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On Friday Open Thread

I'm so happy, you guys. My part-time administrative job at the university has now become a full-time, unionized position with a raise and significant benefits package. I had a formality of an interview today (since I'm the incumbent) and I'm signing my contract next week. My boss loves me and took me out for lunch, and wants me with the project until 2016, when it ends. She also wants me to take my paid vacation while she's away, which will be two weeks after I sign my contract. This also means I can now afford to move out.

And in two weeks, I'm turning 24 and having my first birthday party - with friends and not just family - in ages. I've always been awkward about my birthday and worried people would turn me down so I never wanted to celebrate it (fear of rejection ahoy), but all my different friends have said yes and are excited to celebrate, and 8-10 of us will be grabbing drinks in a pub of our choice.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Gulf of Finland I think I know what you mean - sometimes you identify yourself so much as The Anxious One With X Issue that when something goes well and doesn't fit with who you think you are, you feel like you're not being true to yourself. But getting along better and being less miserable doesn't mean you're selling out. Maybe you're just getting a bit happier, and that's a good thing!

Another thought - what happens to me is that I like the idea of something better than the actual thing (because the real deal makes me nervous), and anticipating it or mulling over it in retrospect is in a way better than the actual moment it happens?

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On Charli XCX Covers "I Want It That Way"

I'm seeing her open for Marina and the Diamonds in Toronto tomorrow!

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On Friday Open Thread

@milominderbender That's really abominably bad behaviour on the part of your friends. Mainly, the fact that Karen banned her fiance from having a female friend whom he'd never even dated on the grounds of Female Parts, and then continuing to shun the friend herself would be friendship-ending behaviour for the people who know Karen (i.e. your friends). I mean, that's legitimately fucked up - who wants to be friends with someone who sees it as their prerogative to forbid a partner to hang out with people, especially if it's on the basis of their gender? I know I'd always wonder when I'd get the boot from Karen myself.

But hey, since they chose to stick around with a shitty friend anyway, I think your solution isn't to bring up how ridiculous the whole reason Karen ditched you was (given your current predicament, I think your friends would be the type to go "wah, don't make us choose between you two!" or "I don't want to take a stance"), but to say "Hey, it was rude and it hurt my feelings when you ditched me last minute when we'd made plans and bought tickets. Next time, let me know in advance if you want to cancel."

Because even if they chose to remain friends with Karen and that makes them jerks, ditching you on short notice would make them jerks no matter whom they were ditching you for. Even if it's Karen. Who is the worst.

P.S. It's not just Karen being shitty - I think that ship has sailed a long time ago. They're being shitty in letting her effectively shun you by ditching your already made plans for her.

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On Minor Tragedies on the Internet: A Yearly Diary

Not a tragedy, but my mother still has my crappy ex on her LinkedIn.
She has also called his cell a couple of times to ask my whereabouts when I was still dating him (apparently, if you borrow a boyfriend's phone to call home once, your mother will never forget it).
The conclusion is that she doesn't really understand boundaries.

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On America's Next Top Worst Room

@themlemons I like the idea of padmapper, but a lot of the places I find are pretty untenable for me (extremely short-term rental/living with 8 roommates/using someone's living room as your bedroom). I don't know what you're looking for specifically, but I've found really nice little bachelor apartments in low-rise buildings on ViewIt, like this one: http://www.viewit.ca/vwExpandView.aspx?ViT=90849 and this one: http://www.viewit.ca/vwExpandView.aspx?ViT=4720.

There was also this gorgeous apartment on Maitland st that popped up briefly (look how nice! http://www.rentmaps.ca/unitImages/UNIT3320801.jpg) and disappeared because, awesome, so I think I'll keep an eye on that specific property management company.

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On America's Next Top Worst Room

@MilesofMountains Yeah. Living conditions have such a big impact on people's well-being - living somewhere as shoddy as those places must be difficult for even the most mentally stable & adjusted amongst us. (I personally feel I'd develop depression within a week)

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On America's Next Top Worst Room

@Lyesmith But seriously, I wouldn't want to live here either: http://www.padmapper.com/show.php?type=0&id=149366836&src=main

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On America's Next Top Worst Room

The word "hovel" comes to mind when looking at these. Also, am realizing I'm fairly nitpicky when it comes to living spaces (apartment-hunting in Toronto has yielded some horrors, but nothing nearly this egregious).

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