On Andy Suzuki & The Method, "Born Out of Mischief"

Suuuuper lovely

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On "It Was There, and It Was Gone"

@area@twitter Ahhh me too! Please, please no one come to my desk for the next five minutes. That was just the sweetest thing.

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On Hair Day

@Megano! The description of the smell! I'm really jealous of her ability to write such a beautiful(ly horrific) description.

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On Chamberpots: A Resurgence?

@karenb Haha! I had the exact same response.

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On Chamberpots: A Resurgence?

@KatPruska I have lived in Portland too long... totally bought it too! The part about not ideologically supporting air conditioning really dragged me in.

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On Let's Talk About the New "Star Trek Into Darkness" Trailer

It was amazing! I have honestly never had any interest in finding out more about Star Trek until now. I feel so foolish.

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On He Doesn't Know If You've Been Bad or Good

@SarahP Yeah! I love this. I am nowhere near child-bearing time (like, nowhere near long-term relationship time seriously) and yet strongly feel that I will never convince my future maybe children to believe in a Santa. I guess the explaining other people's religion thing will maybe convince them to not go around telling the other kids there isn't one...?

Also, I didn't have a Santa. Didn't seem to make a difference.

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On "America's Water Crisis"

I'm so proud of Vice for making this! And proud of YOU, Hairpin, for sharing it.

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On "America's Water Crisis"

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On Can We Still Be Friends?

@Boopsy Oh but more importantly, this was a lovely article, Jim!

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