On Frosting or Icing? Firefly or "Peenie Wallie"? Brew-Thru, Beverage Barn, or "I Have Never Heard of This Concept"?

@greentypewriters 3 tries all convinced I'm from Plymouth MA. I've lived my entire life in central Ohio, as has half of my family -- the other side is from rural Virginia.

Seriously, what the hell?

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On "How I Stopped Eating Food"

@VelourFog That's another way to go. For me, after nearly 2/3rds of my life with Crohn's without a single remission, and having what foods trigger ER visits change with no rhyme or reason or warning, "food" as a general concept has come to equal "pain". The reward of eating stopped compensating for the bother and stress of thinking about food a long time ago.

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On "How I Stopped Eating Food"

@cmcm Sometimes not eating is the healthiest thing you can do. I spent well over a *year* on liquid meal replacement (basically Ensure/Boost/whatever equivalents, just in really large amounts, which for the record is incredibly expensive) due to severe Crohn's disease that refused to respond to any medication. Among my friends who also have CD, the single most common joke/sigh/general comment is to the effect of "why haven't they invented meals in capsule form yet".

Don't get me wrong, I like eating. In theory.

But I also have to look at every single bite of food and question how much pain it's going to cause anywhere between the next 15 minutes to 8 hours. And deal with times where I feel fine and I'm hungry, but then the smell of food cooking makes me so ill I can't eat it once it's done. Just discussing food can make me physically ill. What could be called disordered eating can be the only rational response to disordered digestion.

The idea of someone coming up with a way that I have the *option* of never having to eat actual food again is like the freaking holy grail. It's been 20 years, there's no end in sight. I'M TIRED.

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On What Do You Wear Around the House?

@martinipie You just reminded me of one time when I was a teenager and my mother came in from work complaining about how her bra had been driving her nuts all day. I'm talking *hurling* the purse away with one hand while unhooking bra with the other, stomping through the house on her way to the kitchen trash while removing bra under shirt, and *flinging* it into the trashcan, narrating a lecture on the evils of elastic all the way.

It hadn't seemed odd in the slightest before that, which is why it was only by random chance I looked into the trash and said "Um... that's mine".

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On Beauty Q&A: Nails 101

@area@twitter The paint your dominant hand first thing never works for me. I think it's because I'm so used to holding things in my right hand that I forget those nails are wet and always press a nail against the handle, whereas the only time I do detailed work with my left is on my nails so that hand basically *learned* to hold a brush without touching the wet polish.

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On Beauty Q&A: Nails 101

@Jolie Kerr Okay, so not only am I'm a little late to this thread I'm going to be the naysayer and say: I've never liked the Seche products. I think the base/top coats shrink when they dry (at least that's what them unusable for nail transfers when I tried) but whatever it is I've never gotten a great result with them.

Ulta basecoat? Awesome in a bottle. And the website is currently doing a buy two/get two deal on all their polishes! Sally Hansen Acrylic No-Chip top coat is currently a week old on top of an old bottle of polish (and branches of plum blossoms painted in acrylic paint) and still shiny and chip-less.

Green polish can be dangerous. I have used $.99 bright red polish with no basecoat and been fine, but I am *still* growing out icky yellow nails that were the result of a lovely lime-ish green 4 months ago. I've tried everything to make it go away with no luck.

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On Ass? Stella?

@jen325 The only fictional one I can think of is a muppet on Sesame Street named Roosevelt Franklin.

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On Other Brands Nabisco Could Revitalize By Removing a Qualifier

@paddlepickle More importantly: how dare they trick fig hating people into eating them, thus depriving the sensible Fig Newton loving people who'll be paralyzed with indecision wondering "Now is this a FIG Newton or one of those gross ones with like, apple?"

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On SimplyNoise Reviews, in Order of How Soon the Author Will Murder Someone

@Ialdagorth Wolves don't actually sound that bad to me since it seems like it would fall under 'non-yappy dog noise' that a lot of people learn to ignore, but campfire would probably give me serious nightmares. (It is a bad idea to allow relatives who are firefighters to tell work stories that end in the burn ward when there are children around.)

I'm usually someone who prefers total quiet to sleep, but on occasions where that isn't possible or isn't working for some reason I'm fairly certain Solo Piano by Philip Glass (specifically "Metamorphosis" 1-5) saved my sanity. And probably the lives of all the people I would have encountered while sleep deprived. Balances on that elusive "soothingly repetitive" zone without tipping into "infuriating and boring" the way all the traditional white noise type thingies do for me.

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On I would actually like that, though.

I've seen this floofy vs. tomboy clothes issue come up a lot in the last few years (as so many of my friends started having kids) and I'm forced to wonder again: am I the only girl who had the opposite problem?

If you look at my childhood photos, there is a very obvious line where I got old enough to become clear and vocal about my taste in clothing. Baby/toddler/preschool age: overalls as far as the eye can see (if you listen closely, I think you can hear the echoing voice of my former tomboy, school uniform hating mother "They were pink and lavender! What more did you want?") By the time I started kindergarten: fluffy dresses with lace trimmed ankle socks and mary-janes as far as the eye can see. But bless my mother's heart for finding knitted knee-sock patterned tights for a little girl who refused to give up skirts even in the face of a Midwestern winter.

Seriously, just me?

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