On The Treat Yo Self Pie

TEA. always tea. God, I really f-ing love tea.

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On If Breakfast Foods Were Book Characters...

The yogurt one is just perfect. Yamas!

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On Mouthwatering Recipes from the March 1950 Issue of McCall's

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: white people food.

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On The Just Admit You're Pregnant Pie

HAIRPIN it's like you read my mind. Not preggo, but aiming to be, and that 20% freelance-staff pie calling to me.

Also, I'm pretty sure mocktails are never okay.

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On Friday Open Thread

Don't know if this has already been suggested, but can I lobby for the open thread to be posted earlier in the afternoon? Because let's face it, productivity goes down by A LOT after lunch on Friday.

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On The Stereotype Pie

I propose to modify 30% to plaid shirts (for beards) and ugly-cute boots (for bangs)

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On I Don't Care, I Can't Stop, and I Love It: Miley Cyrus and Ironic Decadence

No "Miley is actually a robot" comments yet? It is possibly the only thing from Family Guy that I ever felt spoke the truth.

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On I Don't Care, I Can't Stop, and I Love It: Miley Cyrus and Ironic Decadence

@Tu m'fous le cafard, tiens Oh dear, friend. No. Just no.

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On Best D.C. Metro Stations to Name a Baby After

Anacostia comment makes me a little uncomfortable #sorrytobethatperson

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