On Seven Months Alone in South America

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On Of the 124 Authors Who Made the 'Times' Top 10 Bestseller Lists in 2012, Only 3 Were People of Color

@queequeging Yeah, Chilean is not an ethnicity! This reminds me of a while back when someone (maybe After Ellen?) did a list of hottest ladies of color or something along those lines, and included Penelope Cruz.

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On A Post-Lunch Tab

@H.E. Ladypants Yeah, I mean, I'm glad Rolling Stone is doing a piece about it, but this isn't surprising to anyone, right? Is it? Maybe it is.

That said, I've been a vegetarian for more than ten years now but the piece is renewing my periodic desire to cut back on dairy and eggs, so I guess this kind of thing is useful even if you are pretty well informed.

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On Maria Bello: "My feelings about attachment and partnership have always been that they are fluid and evolving"

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose [oh my god, right?? When my girlfriend was like, "Hey, Maria Bello came out in the New York Times" my only response was "Came out of where?"]

Best of luck to Maria et al.; I hope she and everyone she considers a partner have many happy fedora-ed years ahead of them.

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On Now That I'm Married, I Only Use Crystal

@The Dilettantista Oh, I don't think the tone is judgmental. We all know people like this, and they're funny/infuriating.

People who love you usually want to know how to get you things to celebrate your wedding that you will actually love and use. Nothing wrong with a registry for that exact purpose! I think the people who use registries for eeeevil are the ones who (A) only register for extremely $$$$$ things or (B) expect their guests to give them certain stuff. That's the person this piece is mocking, not you! Registries are fine, really!

(Can I share a story here? I have a friend who was a bridesmaid for an extremely fancy woman - we all met at a very fancy college where some people were middle-class and some people came from Serious Money. The bride came from Serious Money and the least expensive thing on her registry was an $800 cake knife.)

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On Two Sides of Christian Fundamentalist Adoption

@j-i-a I feel the same way - spanking didn't scar me or anything, but I wouldn't spank my own kids if I had any.

The Hana Williams story is so sad. I wonder how these people are allowed to keep collecting kids. If it were cats, they'd be called hoarders, but I guess children are all right? Awful.

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On Two Sides of Christian Fundamentalist Adoption

@j-i-a Yeah that was so weird! Although as a former kid who was spanked (very occasionally) growing up, I guess I don't think of spanking as that big of a deal, even though I think there are better ways to discipline kids. My dad told me recently that he regretted it, so there's that.

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On Two Sides of Christian Fundamentalist Adoption

Wow, I mostly just feel sorry for the biological kids of that family in the NYT profile - it seems like the oldest daughter (probably not coincidentally) got really, really shortchanged by her parents' fondness for new kids.

International adoption is a complicated thing but I confess I mostly just feel gross about it.

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On Writing, Depression and Learning How to Handle Attention: A Conversation with Allie Brosh

ALLIE BROSH. I'm so excited for her book! And I really enjoyed this interview. Her posts about depression are still the best explanation of what it's like that I've ever seen, and I'm really glad she's feeling better now.

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On "I Collected My Offensive Hat and Prepared to Leave"

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose That is an amazing costume idea. Mad props.

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