On Internet Work and Invisible Labor: An Interview With the Fug Girls

Fun read. Looking forward to the rest of this series, for sure!

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On Love You, Lindsey Vonn

Awww, that was lovely. I hope she recovers quickly. Also, unleash all the wolves on people who call women athletes fat. Just stop with that shit.

I get the paper New York Times, because photos and spilling my espresso and stuff. Anyway, they ran the photo of the helicopter airlifting Vonn off the mountain on the fp today. Crazy gnarly.

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On Excelsior!

@batgirl They actually do test before events. They also test during and after. All the time, really! But it's still pretty hard to catch the "best" doping practices. It's an arms race thingy really, between the doctors who come up with the doping programs and the science people at the anti-doping agencies that try to catch them. It's amazingly complicated.

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On Excelsior!

@Tragically Ludicrous Awww, if only I'd known! Yes, there are teams. And yes it gets confusing. Next year, I'm totally helping. Because it's pretty fun once you get it. Especially if the dudes on the team don't like each other!

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On Ask a Humanities Grad Student

@itstimetopaytheprice You didn't mention what field you're in, but if you're in a humanities field, you are probably not really "almost there" if you're just starting your dissertation. If you're like, two chapters to go? You're almost there. But the writing process is long - and if you're not sure you really want to do it, it's worth thinking about whether there's something else you want to do instead, or at least, why you are struggling with motivation.

If it's writers block, not lack of interest, then, that's a different story altogether. It is easy to find reasons not to write! I do it all the time!

A couple things: Find a routine - and for me, that routine has often meant going to certain places, the library, a certain coffee shop, whatever it is. You need to make writing part of your life in a way that you can't ignore. At 10am or 8pm or whatever time it is, you are going to library or the coffee shop and you're going to write something.

If you're facing the blank page, pick up a book or one of your source materials, and find something interesting on the page. Start typing that passage - then, start writing about the passage you just typed. You'll have something on the page, and something usually leads to more somethings.

Try finding a few other people at a similar stage to you - in your field or not - to trade chapters around. Acccountability buddies can really help.

There's no real magic to writing a dissertation. It's an endurance test as much as anything else. Keep writing, and don't stop.

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On Ask a Humanities Grad Student

@hairdresser on fire I droppped out of a MA program in international relations after the first year. I had doubts that it was what I really wanted to do, and I couldn't get full funding for the second year. I then applied to a MA/PhD program in History, got in, stayed funded, and finished. So, no, dropping out of one graduate program doesn't necessarily mean you won't ever get into another one. You do need to have in mind a good explanation about why you're leaving the old program and why the new program (if you decide to apply) is a better fit for you. Also, if possible, try to cultivate at least one faculty member from your old program to serve as a reference in the future. Good luck :)

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On Ask a Humanities Grad Student

@minou Over 400. But that was with notes! And it was history! So there was a lot of notes! Also, I'm crazy, maybe.

Our university had very strict rules about formatting. It had to be 12 point, some sort of Times Romany font.

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On Ask a Humanities Grad Student

@Anne Helen Petersen I was a bike racer all the way through my PhD (History, now a freelance writer). It made all the difference. Trained my brains out in the morning, sat in seminar in the afternoon. Worked a charm.

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On Never Bike

Awww, girls, don't hate on the bike. Bikes are fun! You can go places. And they'll keep you healthy and strong.

These omigod you're never going to have sex again stories, I have so little love for these things. Stupid!

Find a good bike shop - they're out there. Find a bike that fits what you're going to do with it and fits your body. Find a saddle that is comfortable - there's sooo many great options for women now in the saddle department. Buy some padded shorts if you need them, you can even hide them under a cute skirt or shorts. Go ride! Go outside and play!

I used to race these silly contraptions. Yes! My bars were below my saddle. In fact, they still are. As long as the bike fits and the saddle is dialed, it's no problem. Bad bike fit? Yeah, then there's issues.

But you're not going to have a bad bike fit, are you, because you are going to go to a good shop and they're going to help you find what you need to be happy. The End.

Now, I jump on my Schwinn cruiser and go get lunch :D

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