On Patriarchal Parody: The Rom-Com Logic of David Fincher

Yes!!! I had a LONG discussion with my friend about how this is a comedy.
- that shot of the empty inbox with the label "book ideas" - hilarious
- everything Casey Wilson did - hilarious
- "Netflix, Roku...Internet, obviously" - hilarious
- Desi's murder - HI-FUCKING-LARIOUS

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On Oy With the Poodles Already

@Katni same. I made this in anticipation of watching it: http://nostalgiafreegilmoregirls.tumblr.com/

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On What's the Uncoolest Music You Listen To?

I love Celine Dion. Un-guiltily. I just liked her Facebook page so that if any of my friends wonder who they know who likes her, they will have me.

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On You Can't Mansplain a Pantsuit

@urwelt that said, you can jump in a romper and romp in a jumpsuit. KEEP ROMPIN' AND JUMPIN'

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On You Can't Mansplain a Pantsuit

@bevrockin I would call this a "jumpsuit" because it's long. A romper has shorts on the bottom.

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On Wonder List: An Insider’s Look Into the World of Pun Competitions

@Tim Donnelly it's hard to be a cheetara in that sort of competition.

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On 29 Recreational Wheeled Vehicles, by Sexiness

@cosmia co-sign.

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On Explanations

@Bitterblue that was my reaction as well - "Yes, we know." And I like your experiment idea.

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On Get This Look: Board Games


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On Ask a Jeweler: Nonmetal Bands, Gem Appraisal, and Inherited Damage

A friend of mine worked at a shop that sold almost exclusively resin rings and they were pretty rad. The ones at her store were super-chunky and probably impractical for electrician-ing for other reasons but I bet there are other ones out there!

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