On 'Game of Thrones' Men, by Hotness

@lasso tabasco JON SNOWWWWW!!!!!! #17? pppfffffffftttttttttt

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On Australian Woman Funny, Not Just Angry

I kind of love that a woman who can make a joke like this actually runs the country I live in. ('I'll never have to go on QandA again' awesome)

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On Twenty Marleys and Me

@Diana amazing. i think we always overestimate the judging other people will do when faced with our selves crying in public, and underestimate the compassion other people feel and sometimes express.. and then you find yourself crying, and no one thinks you're a freak, and some people are crazy kind to you.

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On They Rhyme With "Stones"

@tootsky Call the Midwife! <3

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On They Rhyme With "Stones"

@Jinxie yes, that is not a scone :( I mean, it sounds totally fine as some kind of other thing, but not a scone...

people, the thing is, (loud whisper) A SCONE IS MOSTLY A VEHICLE FOR JAM AND CREAM. so it should be plain, or possibly with a tiniest smattering of tiniest dried fruit. maybe a pumpkin scone once in a while.

also: champagne scones. just sayin.

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On They Rhyme With "Stones"

@Verity @Melis seconding chocolate digestives (also chocolate hobnobs, with the infinitely more awesome name) and sadface defending childhood treats

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On Assumptions

@Absurd Bird there was a massive dust storm a couple of years ago and when I woke up the whole world was completely red. I'd been sleeping and breathing in the sweet dust, and had dreamt that my flatmate had spilled a LOT of talcum powder all through the house, but obviously there was something seriously wrong now I was awake, and in my half-waking panic, first I assumed end of world, of course. Then finally, while panicking and wondering what to do, and how many other people were still alive, I saw someone in the park across the road walking their dog, and figured you don't walk your dog in the middle of a nuclear apocalypse or whatever... so the second logical explanation my sleepybrain came to the was that a biscuit factory had exploded (? yeah, it doesn't make any sense). but the photos are surreal and spectacular!

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On Australian Woman Righteously Angry

@fondue with cheddar (formerly jen325) and check out the Alan Jones (try searching "Destroy The Joint") debacle, if you really want to see a mess :)

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On Australian Woman Righteously Angry

@The Lady of Shalott and this is really pretty tame - basically the opposition are cowed by the end of it, whereas often the chair (the ref) has to constantly tell people to shut up, or kick them out if they are being too rowdy and disrupting the MP who is talking. the rules of order are not very well adhered, usually it's like a classroom full of 7 years olds calling names and slinging insults. @theotherginger.. what more do you need to know about Tony Abbott.. Gillard just summed it up more or less.

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On Beauty Q&A: Mystifying Dress Codes & The Great Bra Hunt

@jaimie yes, oil cleanse. I am an oil cleansing evangelist, my skin has never been this balanced - no oily forehead halfway through day! no waking up with unhappy skin! beautifully moisturised, and washing it off with a flannel (terry facecloth) gives just the right amount of exfoliation. if my skin feels too dry afterwards, I just smooth a bit of my oil mix back into my clean face, and it absorbs beautifully. I have a bunch of expensive organic washes, toners and moisturisers sitting forgotten in my bathroom cabinet.

My current mix is: 1/2 coconut oil (yeah yeah comodogenic apparently, but I love it, and haven't found that it is), 1/4 castor oil, 1/4 olive oil, couple drops of tea tree oil. have used several variations on this, and just love it.

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