On The Best Time I Learned My Last Name Means Blow Job

I worked one summer with a girl named Kim Godown. One day a guy came into the restaurant asking for Kim. He had flowers he wanted to give her. We had two Kims on staff, so I asked him her last name. "I didn't get it," he told me. "I asked, but she changed the subject." I knew immediately which Kim he meant.

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On Bridesmaids!

@Maria I teared up not at the end (which was fairly predictable but sweet) but at the bridal shower part. I would say why, but I don't want to spoil. I found that part unexpectedly moving.

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On Bridesmaids!

Loved. It. It's smart, well-acted, and fearless. I agree that the whole barf and poop stuff could have been left out, and I too am tired of being reminded that women are funny--but it holds up on its own merits, not just as a chick flick (which it's not). I loved some of the secondary storylines too. We have seen men saying "I'm married so I never have hot sex" for decades, but some of the little vignettes between minor characters turned all of that on its head in a very interesting way.

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On Will Hipsters Destroy the Happiest Place on Earth?

Perhaps this handy map can be of service as you choose the local for The Hairpune. http://therumpus.net/2011/05/post-grad-hipsters-guide-to-inhabitable-u-s-cities/

I think Dayton might be your safest bet.

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On Terrible Boyfriends, "Mistress Material," and Who Feels What How

Soooooo this.

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On Picking Up Artsy Girls, Shaving Mystification, and "Am I a Jealous Jerk?"

For the love of all that is holy, can we please stop talking about shaving VAGINAS? Talk about labia or vulvae or the million other cute or fun or crass names for it, but the part of the genitalia that grows hair is not a vagina. Or if you do have a hairy vagina, then gross.

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On Beauty School, Crotch Out

If it is, as you say, a "sparse amount," don't worry about it. I mean, of course, tell your friend not to worry about it. Most women I know are not freaked out by a little bit of unruly hair, and most guys over 30 have it. If it really bugs you, wax, don't shave. I'd rather see the random hair than feel stubble. Ick. Also, waxing often will make it grow back less and less.

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On Beauty School, Crotch Out

I once accidentally got a Brazilian. It's a long story (that I've written about on a number of occasions, both funnily and seriously) but suffice it to say that when I went for a run-of-the mill wax, a scheduling misunderstanding caused the technician to start putting wax in weird places, and once it's on there, there's really no way to get it off except let it rip, so to speak. I, too, am fond of my pubes, so the experience was sort of funny and novel, but also sort of traumatic. Love your last paragraph.

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On Pros and Cons of Dating: Someone You Went to High School With

I married that guy. It felt a little incestuous at first ("Wait, what? You guys are here TOGETHER?" at parties) but ultimately, yeah. Totally cool.

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On Fear of Sex, Jealous Boyfriends, and "Am I Just Really Boring?"

I'm a little bit in love with this dude.

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