On Wonder List: An Insider’s Look Into the World of Pun Competitions

This is timely; my co-workers and I just spent the last several minutes of our lunch break making bear-related puns. I share your love of wordplay, Alexa.

And I'd like to sign my husband up for this competition, because he is the best at puns. Story time: I work at a web company, and we signed a client several months ago whose business is manufacturing and selling urine-testing equipment. I was assigned the project, and I was telling my husband about how I had to reach out and introduce myself to the client the next day. That immediately turned into a pun creation session where we came up with an introduction email using as many pee puns as we could think of.

Here is a sampling:
"Urine good hands with [my company]; we really aim to please. We're going to give you a splashy design for your pee-commerce site."

Other puns used in the fake email including keeping the project on tract, gold standard of web design, streaming video, security leaks, we're a whizz at what we do, etc. etc.

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On "AMERICAN: With the prefix 'all,' a blonde."

HAHAH "FISH. A Vegetable."

At risk of sounding like one of "those" vegetarians/vegans, it truly peeves me how many people call themselves vegetarians and still eat fish. Just, nope.

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On Eradicate Your Resting Bitchface with a $2000 "Valentine Anguloplasty"

@SarcasticFringehead Definitely. Although, I think my chronic bitchface generates more comments from people I know ("what's wrong?" "bad day?" "you ok?" "why are you upset?") than from strangers. I have so many good friends who were like, "Honestly? I thought you were going to be a bitch/snob/[insert negative word here] when I first saw you."

Bitchface + shyness = friend repellent

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On Eradicate Your Resting Bitchface with a $2000 "Valentine Anguloplasty"

@frigwiggin Exactly what I thought of when I read it. Guhhh it gives me the heebie jeebies.

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On What Happened at the VMAs? As Always, the Answer Is "Everything" and Also "Nothing"

@muddgirl Yeah it's an alarming thing to behold. Beyond my first thought of "Not a good choice for a 'signature move,'" my second thought was about how she could do that while wearing lipstick. I know on days when I am wearing lipstick, I avoid having anything touch my lips (not least of which my tongue) for fear of having an unknown lipstick smear down my chin.

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On Friday Open Thread

@anachronistique Happy birthday! What are your birthday plans?

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On Friday Open Thread

@blueberry mary Also into tall, lanky guys (with no preference/interest in muscles), dark hair, thoughtful eyes, and lots of tattoos. In terms of personality, I'm all about the funny. A quick wit and smart sense of humor will draw me in like a mosquito to a light. And they have to be very liberal and open-minded (duh).

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On Friday Open Thread

@cabber I am so, so sorry. Sending so many hugs and good thoughts your way. Treasure the remaining days you have with your lovely dog.

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On Friday Open Thread

@dj pomegranate Have a safe trip and a smooth settling in process!

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On The Best-Dressed Salads

Wondering if anyone else here has the same problem with raw spinach that I do, which is that it leaves a very chalky coating on my teeth that I hate because it reminds me of the sound/idea of something scraping a cement sidewalk.

I still eat it, but it has to be covered in vinaigrette.

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