On Interview with a Pastor on Spiritual Grammar, Mysticism and Coming Out

I love this series -- and especially this one featuring a fellow Green Bay Catholic school kid. Now I just mostly want to know where he went, even though there's about a million other questions I also want to ask him!

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On Young Women Refusing to Commit (to Nun Life)

As a middle and high schooler, I really considered being a sister. I had amazing teachers as examples of passionate, devoted, feminist, progressive women. It seemed like a dream to me to live among all these women who cared so much about service and each other. There's got to be a better way for them to reach out to young women, but I think some of the decline is also due to the evangelical Christian ideas that are influencing young Catholic women about the woman's place in the home. I was always taught about the three vocations - married, single, religious - but the attitude in the Church seems to promote married life over the other two these days.

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On A Guide to Eating Very Particular Feelings, Part II

Nothing like the last one followed by the one just before it in the same day.

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On Happy Birthday, Anne Frank

@Daisy Razor @hot doom @scandyhoovian seriously, it's such a wreck to watch. Why it was Daniel Pearl that gave me the big tears on my first watch, I do not know. It was a snowball, too, thinking about the featured people only made me think of a million more people I wish could still share their lives with the world.

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On Happy Birthday, Anne Frank

This is as devastating as that ADL "Imagine a World Without Hate" video that imagines Anne winning the Nobel Prize for literature. That video made me weep for days.

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On Chia Seeds

Help help, I'm obsessed with chia seeds and it's breaking my budget! Any tips on a good bulk price somewhere?

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On Your May 'Pinup Roundup

So sad I missed the DC PinUp. Next time, next time.

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On Close-Reading a Controversial List, Take 2

@meetapossum I was also baffled, but then I just decided being imprisoned by her own kid was making her mad delusional and maybe hangry.

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On Close-Reading a Controversial List, Take 2

@MilesofMountains that makes me so sad because Catelyn also believes she is the sole cause of the way/everything bad ever apparently

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On Bake-at-Home Babies: Embryo Adoption and Me

Is this week designed to make me happy? Science+Babies on Hairpin AND Radiolab?!

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