By tofuswalkman on "You Win, Or You Die": On the Women of Game of Thrones

@rathermarvelous frankly i found your comment more interesting than the original essay, which seems to barely scratch the obvious surface of this pretty involved topic.
interesting how, as you say, cersei internalizes, embodies, and yet despises the patriarchy of westeros. although she doesn't identify as male, she wants to act as male, literally reenacting things men around her have done. i'm thinking of the scene where she seduces a woman just as robert would have, becoming a reincarnation of him just as she has before with her drinking, getting fat, having affairs, etc. there's a lot more to say about this!

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By Shara on April Horoscopes from Galactic Rabbit

FINALLY!! And thank GOD everything's going to be okay.

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By j-i-a on Four Months Alone on the Pacific Crest Trail

@AT man I wonder if anyone's ever said that to Myla before

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By Danzig! on Talking to Anne Helen Petersen About Leaving Academia for BuzzFeed

@katherine There are a lot of good reasons to excoriate Buzzfeed (taking on a "no haters" editorial policy when deontological journalistic ethics are already shitty enough is what gets me personally) but yeah, none of them are espoused in that OP. Luckily we can ignore it!

I mean, good for AHP. She's a good writer and I hope that Buzzfeed proves worthy of her. There are no jobs that people can be too good to do, only employers that can be unworthy of their staff. Shame on them, tho, that they couldn't invent an editorial position for her. They've got a fucking billion, what's one more?

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By stonefruit on Talking to Anne Helen Petersen About Leaving Academia for BuzzFeed

Oh rats, it took me too long to read this so I can't get in a sick burn!

(Can I just once again say, though: *what* is going on with these one-off, burner accounts to trash on 'Pin articles/writers! This pattern is unpleasant!)

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By j-i-a on Talking to Anne Helen Petersen About Leaving Academia for BuzzFeed

@claire2222 the website she formerly wrote for.... is this one

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By hotdog on Signs I Want You To Leave My House After I've Hosted You for Dinner

This could also be titled "Signs I am passive-aggressive, and not someone you should be spending your evenings with, anyway."

My list would be as follows:

1. I have said, "oh, I've had such a great time with you! I have to wake up early tomorrow, though, so I have to cut the evening a bit short. Can we do this again soon?"

Another intricate problem solved by saying what you mean.

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By paddlepickle on For Two People, A Wedding Announcement

@RachelTheC And that someone else is driven wild by the way every NYTimes article headline is formatted "For____, ____". "For the elderly, death!" "For Millennials, Waffles!"

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By Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) on Friday Open Thread

@Danzig! This was fun! Lauren and Michelle, come back anytime and/or don't go, just give back the scepters and like, loiter around the castle.

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By Onymous on Friday Open Thread

@coolallison Meanwhile Experian, the fine people who mad eup your credit score and then convinced people to care about it, gave 200 million peoples pertinants to id thieves.

How are we not eating theses people yet?

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