On Talking to Peggy Noe Stevens, the World's First Female Bourbon Master Taster

@aphrabean I will drive the six hours from Cleveland if a Chicago meetup includes home-bottled beverages.

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On Drinking Up and Sitting Down With the Men's Men at the Nashville Whiskey Festival

@metal-eating arachnid As far as I know, only whisky from Canada, Scotland, and Japan are "whisky." Everywhere else, including American stuff, is "whiskey." Scotch-inspired stuff loses the "e."

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On The Popularity Pie

Food photography. Most television. Pinterest. Inspirational quotes. The Hunger Games.

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On Elysium Is a Great Movie If You Imagine a Golden Retriever Directed It

There's no need to insult golden retrievers.

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On Star Trek Into Darkness: Waiting for Superman

@anachronistique Jim Parsons for Data?

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On Star Trek Into Darkness: Waiting for Superman

@stuffisthings I don't know many (okay, fine, ANY) French actors off the top of my head, and as much as I've had a crush on Patrick Stewart and his English accent since I was about five, a Frenchman would (obviously) be appropriate.

But since Abrams has blasted the hell out of continuity already, I'd be more than happy to see Tom Hardy back into Star Trek, this time as actual-Picard.

I'd think about who'd end up as Riker (I cannot think of anyone smooth and douchey enough off the top of my head), but I can't see a TNG reboot ever happening. At least TOS delivers as a plausible action-film inspiration. TNG was far too...sterile for the way reboots are going.

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On "I'm the Only Girl Baseball's Got": Remembering the Kissing Bandit

@PistolPackinMama oh my god, I would totally read about trends in ballpark architecture over mlb's lifetime.

Emma, please?

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On Explanations

@olivia Okay, I'm going to snark and say "ELICIT."

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On Explanations

@catsuperhero Too late to edit, so I'd say...girls, too, maybe the label "geeky," in all its generalization, and stereotypes, is helping NO ONE.

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On Explanations

Because I work in a tech field, because I was considered "fresh meat" when I began, because I was termed a "geeky girl," I take more offense to the "Let's lump a giant, diverse group of women with varied, possibly not mainstream interests into a group called 'geeky.'"

I cannot count the number of men at that workplace who saw the Star Wars Legos on my desk, immediately decided that I fit on their pedestal of "geeky girl," and proceeded to be upset when I did not want to fuck them.

Nothing to do with my actual interests: I just fit the "geeky" mold.

I like Star Wars and anime; my friend likes gaming, but we are both just "geeky girls." It's time to lose the reductive attitude, boys.

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