On I'm a 41

@CheeseLouise Secret time! If you delete everything after the ? in the URL of any new york times article, it will let you read it for free. They don't try very hard to keep you out.

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On How the Internet Changed Solo Travel

@Edith Zimmerman lobster bisque at saegreifinn (er, the sea baron) in reykjavik! and definitely ride the ponies if it's not too cold! then make us all jealous with tales of the northern lights

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On Buy a Plane Ticket

@atipofthehat YES. Let's swap! I've got a bike and a cat and some exposed brick in Brooklyn (yeaaah). Can we make a couchsurfing / airbnb group?

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On Holiday Gift Take-Backs

Not really a gift, but I lent a boyfriend my copy of Ways of Seeing by John Berger once. After breaking up, I asked for it back since it was a nice copy, and when I got it I found that he had SQUASHED A HUGE MOSQUITO BETWEEN THE PAGES. (!!!)

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Cary Grant's Intimate Bromance

I really like the thesis that uncovering the "truth" of Cary Grant's bisexuality doesn't matter. I mean, check out that photo of the two of them playing golf. Clearly there's a man that knows how to look at men. Whether or not you're really, truly intrinsically gay, it takes a certain open mindedness to get to the point where you're capable of looking at men that way and of owning that look.

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On What to Get the Barbershop Owner on Your List

Am I wrong to assume that as a straight-ish girl I can get away with one of these haircuts and still get laid with dudes? all of them are super hot on people of any orientation to me (<3 u androgyny)

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