On Friday Bargain Bin: The Leftovers

My mom is really easy to shop for but my dad is tricky. I often go with item-of-the-month type things for him. For his birthday I did 3-month subscription to a men's Birchbox, but usually some type of alcohol or food. He's found new favorites and those can then become the "special" things that I get for him for later gifts. My parents also appreciate upgraded versions of things they already love, like Tanqueray Ten and a sampler of fancier-than-Schweppes tonic waters to upgrade their regular gin and tonics. Experience tickets are also cool. If they both love golf maybe purchase a round of golf from a local place other than their usual. For things like that I usually check in with my parent's friends for references.

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On Estate Jewelry: A Necklace That Wears Its Own Rings

@Megano! Definitely sent the link to my fiance and told him I had changed my mind. I want an engagement ring, but only if it's that one.

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On Estate Jewelry: A Necklace That Wears Its Own Rings

@Blackwatch Plaid Do you think there was a rule on band member's members hanging the same direction?

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On Ask a Clean Person: Holiday Disasters 2012

Trader Joe's dripless candles! Not expensive, they don't smell like anything weird, and they really won't drip until the very end.
I will also take this opportunity to encourage everyone to pick up a few things from the freezer aisle. Deliciousness abounds and this is the time of year when having a back-up dessert or side comes in handy. Maybe also pick up some of the frozen mac n' cheese, because you're beautiful and deserve to be happy.

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On Assumptions

@Bayou I take an escalator as part of my commute every day and am pretty confident about it but stepping onto an escalator with a piece of rolly luggage brings back all the fears.

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On Assumptions

@melmuu I once saw a platform sandal thrown onto the street from an apartment window. I'm not sure why they threw a single shoe at the window (fight? sabotage? attempt to hit a passerby?) but for the next few days whenever I saw the increasingly mangled blue platform I felt like I had some important secret knowledge.

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On The Return of Ghost

Oh shit. I just read the ghost saga (now that the prequel is out) and my heart, it aches.

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On The Ghosting of Ghost

Tearing up at work, again

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Gloria Swanson Saga, Part Two

That picture in the Roxy! I die.

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On Friday Open Thread

@allofthewine Save it!
But I also want to see good ideas of what I could be spending my money on.
Communal bargain bin time?

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