By iceberg on First They Came for the Baggy Pants

@themegnapkin or NOT wear it amirite

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By parallel-lines on First They Came for the Baggy Pants

I love bow ties and I love seersucker and white suits and I basically want my husband to dress like a cross between Mark Twain and Tom Wolfe.

He refuses to oblige my requests, but we have the rest of our lives to fight over it and I'm pretty sure I'll win...eventually.

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By LeafySeaDragon on Friday Open Thread

@withatwist i usually ask for a pic for all replies, to prove they are a human being and not a spam bot.. and avoid anyone who is not capable of taking a pic/looks unstable/on drugs. and make sure i have someone with me, a friend or my husband. i moved everything i could without them and had them show up at 10 am.

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By Kristen on Horrible Things That Have Happened to Doctors on "Grey's Anatomy" Since 2005

Whoa, I've never seen Gray's Anatomy, but I think this is better.

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By lemonadefish on Friday Open Thread

Hello! Employment etiquette question:

I interviewed with a really exciting firm yesterday (several friends and I used to have discussion based around who would get to work for them, much like the discussion I remember from my youth about who would get to marry Brad Pitt - you know none of you ever will, but wouldn't it just be amazing if you did?). It looks very promising! However: it is a very, very small company, and I will be 14 weeks pregnant when I would start in mid-January. I did inquire about maternity benefits during the 'what benefits would you like' portion of the interview, but I did not say that I would have an immediate need of them.

So -- am I obliged to tell them that I'm pregnant in the next week or two, when we are (I do so hope) negotiating the terms of my employment? Even though that would be before the official 12-week telling-all-the-people time? I don't expect to be offered more than 6 weeks off (same as my current job), but that could still be a really big deal for such a small company. I just don't want them to thick I tricked them into hiring me I guess? But I also don't want to blow my chances for an awesome job... Thoughts??

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By evil melis on The Ghosting of Ghost

@special_boots I mean, I definitely wanted to leave Ghost/Person's relationship ambiguous because I think that there are so many different ways those two people could have been important to one another.

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By Mical Klip@twitter on Estate Jewelry: The Horror

Greatest Estate Jewelry collection or greatestest Estate Jewelry collection?

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By Bittersweet on Texts From Little Women

@evil melis "But I will brook Professor Bhaer on NO ACCOUNT (unless he really looks like Gabriel Byrne)." There. Fixed.

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By Megasus on Answers to "What's That Thing on Your Baby's Head?"

"Her father is a unicorn"

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By evil melis on Texts From Little Women

besides "being useless"

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