On Romy And Michele Are 45. So Is Heather Mooney.

i'm so happy about this

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On Are We All Watching Broad City Yet?

i LOVE this show, they are seriously the funniest. Ilana has a youtube series called Chronic Gamer Girl where she gets high and plays video games, it is just so goddamn good.

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On Britneys of the Plain: Cormac McCarthy Describes the Video for "Work Bitch"

"...an abdomen with flesh pulled tight and tanned like a Navajo drum."


This is so good.

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On "July the First Is When We Say Goodnight"

@ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ theoldreader.com has the social aspect that Google Reader used to have, but the feeds don't seem to import very quickly, sometimes even hours behind the original source's publishing, and it's just a little clunky in general. But maybe that will improve? Feedly is my favorite reader, it's quick and the mobile app is so pretty, but I miss the internal sharing part of it. I didn't care for Newsblur :/

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On High-Res Audubon

@leon.saintjean UGH i'm wondering the same thing :<

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