On Ways in Which Hashtags Will Further Ruin Your Facebook Feed

@par_parenthese Word. One of my FB friends CONSTANTLY has passive-aggressive emotional breakdowns on FB (in person too). Hid her after the fifth "OMG I'm going to be homeless please help I need a place to live because I don't like my landlady." (longer than that, but no more informative).
Also blocked: The hardcore Israel Warhawk. I'd unfriend him, but I honestly don't think he's a bad person except on Facebook.

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On Quirks: Is Their Ignorance Our Bliss?

@JessAndNo I am on a dance team, and there is an epidemic of tongue-sticking-outage among the guys. Like, during competitions. I've been told it helps for balance.

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On Six-Word Tales: Love and Loss

Seduction over gchat harder than expected

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On Six-Word Tales: Love and Loss

@jen325 Emotionally abusive Canterburian. Fuck that tale.

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On Six-Word Tales: Love and Loss

Always fall for friends. Horrible idea.
He told me he wanted her.
Men make no sense. Do women?

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On It Grows Back

@RK Fire 22, and my hair is totally my security blanket (Though I have an actual security blanket too...growing up is optional, etc.). I literally did not speak to my mom for 2 weeks in middle school because I thought she made me get a too-short haircut. I think I have a Pocahontas complex (although experience has taught me that my hair in the wind looks less sexy-yet-caring-Disney-princess and more Medusa-has-scared-her-own-hair).

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On How to Get a Man's Telephone Number

@miwome nNo no, me too. The Green Line would be an excellent place for picking up men because THEY CAN NEVER ESCAPE BWAHAHAHA. Or maybe it's just the 11 pm D line.

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On War Horse: An Illustrated Review

Yeah, I tried to do the whole 'create special bond with horsy' at summer camp, but said horse-y was much more interested in creating a special bond with the grass. The way she looked at me (on those rare occasions where she did) made me pretty sure she knew I secretly hated the smell of horses. For better or for worse, I did develop a special bond with my shower that summer.

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On Drunk Off Dessert?

@applestoapples Logged in just to 'like' your comment. Had to watch that FOR SCHOOL when I was 14. Could have really used one of these desserts at the time. Or a straight up Box Office Bomb, though that might have been too meta.

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On "We invited readers to contribute a photograph of someone close to them who died this year"

That's about 30 seconds longer than me. When I saw the kid who died in Japan, I pretty much lost it.

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