On Boyfriends' Mothers, "Compassion," and Les Misérables

@desjardins Woooo serious Catholics on The Hairpin! I feel as though there aren't many of us... In any case, that's all I've got to say on this one.

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On We're Just Aspiring All Over the Place

@Emmanuelle Cunt American Royalty: They're Just Like Us!

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On How to Relax, According to The January, 1964 Issue of Calling All Girls

YOU MUST. CHILL. Use your paints! - Lloyd Dobler.

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On Diplo and Nicky Da B's "Express Yourself" Video

@RachelAnn Nope! He is attractive. Although he looks unusually grimy in this video...

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On Birthdays at the Office

@Esther C. Werdiger A baby music class sounds like the perfect place to bring a giant cake.

Or to do anything in any way related to adorable-ness.

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On Gifts, Brolessness, and More Grad School From the Underworld

@Lily Rowan errr. Disagree? I don't necessarily think it's a divide between whore and wife. In my experience, when i start having the sex regularly with someone i'm into on a lot of levels, i tend to get really attached/into them, which kind of blinds me to their faults (if he wasn't so good at the sex i wouldn't have ignored his arrogant juicebox side for so long!) so holding off a bit to get to know them better is helpful. Maybe this guy is the same way?

Also maybe he really does want to focus more on getting to know her better (if its only been a month) before embarking on the ALL SEX ALL THE TIME phase where the only thing that's interesting is sex and other time consuming connection-forming things are kind of pushed to the wayside. (Not that they stop completely, obviously. But they tend to take a backseat.)

I feel like wanting to hold off on sex for a sec doesn't make someone super controlling or unhealthy. I don't see any other signs of craziness in her letter. If anything, it sounds like he..uh.. cares?

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On Playing House, Cutting Ties, and Being Alone

@realtalk I really like that your name was so appropriate to your role in this interaction!

Pretty much all I have to contribute.

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On Namesakes and the Air Force

@Ophelia .... Tell me more about these development companies, please? I know about NGOs, but I'm not sure I get what this other term refers to. And I am interested... so interested!

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