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On Remembering 'Hocus Pocus'

Man, who needs to own this movie? It is ALWAYS on in October. Still! It. Is. Perfect.

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On Heavy is the Head That Eats the Crayons

@frigwiggin I got Bummer, maybe twice. And friendship instead of ferriership.

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On Please Send Us Your Photos!

@frigwiggin Fiiine. Also, equally goopy: I still have like 45 pictures of me in various wedding dresses on my phone.

Also, the ONLY pictures I took on my own wedding day of are you, being cute. I bet you didn't know THAT.

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On Please Send Us Your Photos!

@frigwiggin omg so tiny.

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On Please Send Us Your Photos!

The first picture in my gallery is my husband on the train home from whenever I got my phone. I feel too sticky sweet sending that in. >_>

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On Skinny-Dipping, S.O. Weight Gain, and Walk[ing] Away [From] Renee

Uuuugh ugh ugh ugh LW#3. ._.

My husband and I each gained like 50 pounds when we settled in together. I was coming off of a relationship that had lead to extreme calorie restriction, he was coming off of poverty-induced calorie restriction, and together, I fed him since I was employed, and he loved me even when I ate full meals with dessert. Neither of us was underweight when we met, so the weight gain caused eyebrows from all the family, but let me tell you something.

Fat!husband is just as sexy as not-as-Fat!husband was to me, because his appearance is so completely linked with his personality to me, and his personality still intoxicates me.

If LW3's husband's behavior is really the problem, and that is what is turning her off(which I suspect), then they should have a conversation about the behavior(binging, secret eating), not the results of that behavior(the weight gain). At least that way it's not "you're too fat for me" but "the way you are eating concerns me; that you feel the need to hide what you're eating from me is a red flag for both of us."

P.S. Being deprived of certain foods can CERTAINLY affect your adult behavior with those foods; to call it weak is to dismiss his only lived knowledge of his body which...eh.

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On How Your Sweet Valley High Gets Made

Is it weird that the last sentence is what perplexed me the most. Really, people in NYC don't think of weed as a legit thing? That's...weird. Apparently growing up in California has warped me. I mean, I don't smoke because I have a thing about rules, but that creative people don't think about weed as a thing in NY seems...weird?

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On Friday Open Thread

@lora.bee I don't know, maybe tomorrow. I'm not feeling motivated right now.

(Goddamn it internet, why are you still toneless for the communication thing.)

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On Friday Open Thread

@lora.bee My boss is rarely ever here, so I pretty much always have to be self motivated, but I just don't have it in me today at all. ;_;

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On Friday Open Thread

...man I can not get work done today. I just read the entire open thread. Whoops. I never do open threads guys. I'm not sure why, but I have zero motivation to do shit-all. Friiiidays. :(

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