On "What" a Note to Follow "So": Why I Am the Baroness

@Susanna Sure but "Salzburg" sounds nothing like Manic.

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On "What" a Note to Follow "So": Why I Am the Baroness

@MilesofMountains Yeah, and I think you do get the idea that Captain von Trapp really does like the Baroness. One of my favorite scenes is when they're strolling by the water together and just casually flirting. They really do like each other. Just, yeah, she doesn't want all those children, and Georg was apparently craving the lighthearted fun that Maria brought, which wasn't really how the Baroness operated. But they definitely liked each other quite a bit. They just weren't a great marital match.

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On What Happens When [Partner A] Says 'More' and [Partner B] Says 'No'

@emjb@twitter Yes. Everything you said.

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On What Happens When [Partner A] Says 'More' and [Partner B] Says 'No'

@karenb Me too! Like, I hate going to get my hair cut because I sit there feeling awkwardly guilty for not wanting to have a big involved conversation with my hairdresser and everyone makes it seem so expected. Why on earth would I be having heart-to-hearts with random strangers?

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On Knocked Up, Knocking Back

@Frisky@twitter I always assumed it was because usually wine has a slightly lower alcohol content, so you could have a little more wine than you could beer (or other alcohols).

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On Bi Identification, Moving Out, and the Rhinestone-Encrusted Manicure

@Megasus I think it's just one of those things where you KNOW you don't like it and you should probably leave, but you don't fully realize how much you don't like it and should leave until you actually have left and are experiencing what life can be instead. Really, LW2, life can be so much better.

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On Should You Ever Go Across the Sea to Ireland, Bring a Mongoose

@harebell My country farm-dwelling relatives' approved way to kill a snake is a shotgun bullet to the head. Or one time a shovel to the neck.

My relatives hate snakes, incidentally. But then, the kind they usually see are water moccasins, copperheads, and rattlesnakes. So it's understandable, I suppose. (I quite like non-venomous, non-gigantic-man-eating snakes though.)

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On Honesty, Asexuality, and the Un-Recloseting

@sintaxis I get why you feel this way. But I just really don't like when we start equating labels with things they weren't meant to describe. "Queer" is supposed to describe that your sexual attractions are variable, not that you are an outsider of society carrying the baggage of horrible prejudicial treatment. OF COURSE the latter often comes with the label, but that is not what the label MEANS. I just don't see any reason why this lady shouldn't be able to describe who she is on the basis that she hasn't suffered enough to be that person.

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On Paying Your Share and When You Can't

I just...this is a thing? I have lived my whole life with checks being separated, no problem. Never have I ever pooled irregular amounts of money with my friends to cover the total of our irregular meal costs. Always it was separate bills and separate tips. Am I just too poor for this world of non-split checks? Probably. In that case, I will stay poor. This all sounds way too complicated and stressful.

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On Paying Your Share and When You Can't

@par_parenthese Thank you! I was so hoping I wasn't the only one confused about this. This sounds like MAYBE a thing of fancy restaurants that I never eat at because I can't afford them, in which case I'm even more questioning of this lady agreeing to go out to those places. But if not, then I am thoroughly confused. Every time I go out with a group of friends, it has NEVER been a problem to split the check, and I mean I have occasionally been out with a group of about thirty people. The waitstaff is generally very accommodating to all the weird ways the check winds up getting split (most people pay their own bill and their own tip, but then couples, siblings, etc. occasionally share), and I always just tip them extra for the trouble. What is this bizarre practice of pooling irregular amounts of money and expecting it to cover the sum of irregular bills? People are making life way more complicated than necessary.

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