By j-i-a on Writer Unable to Use Important Words Correctly

@fakefighter Commenter Unfamiliar With Blogger's Work, Which Is Frequently Overblown in Both Arenas

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By Bittersweet on The Hobbit, Reviewed, Perfectly

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose "His" lair? "His" treasure? Well, I guess possession is nine-tenths of ownership… (Team Dwarves)

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By pollypeachum on Realistic ModCloth Descriptions

My favorite review I've ever read on ModCloth was for a flower crown, and it went something like: "I thought it was pretty, but my boyfriend said I looked like Jesus."

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By Gulfie on Friday Open Thread

So I just finished my first semester of grad school and I think I did pretty well, and I have a solid relationship with my roommate and made a bunch of new friends and last night guy I'm seeing and I talked and he declared unambiguously that he wants to be my boyfriend and my social anxiety is mostly in check and, most miraculously, I've been using my therapy lamp and vitamin D consistently and not only is SAD in check but I've been downright HAPPY.

Of course it's not all sunshine and my mind is still 85% uncertainty about where I am in my life/the future/the void blah blah but, still.

It feels so absolutely bizarre to be, quite frankly, a very successful person right now.

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By chickpeas akimbo on Interview with a Santeria Priestess

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose The Hairpin Club for Sweatpants-Clad Misanthropes? Yes, this could be a thing. (Though right now I am actually wearing yoga pants. I believe that is an acceptable variation that is allowed for by the bylaws.)

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By j-i-a on What If a Women's Magazine Editor Edited a BBC News Story About Syria?

@MaryJReno my roomate's [NAME??] half-sister [IS FATHER REMARRIED OR MOTHER? MAY BE GOOD OPPORTUNITY TO TALK ABOUT WORK-LIFE BALANCE] makes $74/hour [IS THIS CONFIRMED] on the computer [WHAT MODEL? NEW COMPUTER? PROBABLY MAC AIR??]. She has been fired from work [WHY WAS SHE FIRED? DETAILS] for five months ["FUNEMPLOYED" MAYBE] but last month her paycheck was $21376 [PAID EVERY MONTH? BIWEEKLY?] just working on the computer for a few hours [PER DAY? IS SHE A WEBCAM GIRL???? DON'T BURY THIS LEDE]. you could look here WWW.Ring77.COm [WE NEED A BETTER LOOKING URL]

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By adorable-eggplant on Wednesday Open Thread

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose I am thankful for the 'pin too! I should be having my holiday nap, but instead I am kvetching on the OT and it feels so good.

Also, I'm thankful for that time when I decided that going to meet someone I'd gotten to know on the internet to talk about Avatar: the Last Airbender was not a terrible idea. It was, in fact, lovely.

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By iceberg on Wednesday Open Thread

This week with the Bergy Bits
(I'm thankful for those cute lil buggers, here's what they've been up to!)

The Diva has developed an obsession with earrings so we got crafty on the weekend and I made them some "earrings" and a "princess crown" with construction paper and bread twist-ties. She took one look in my pocket mirror, her little face lit up and she exclaimed "I'm a princess!"

"Guess what Dimples? You get to wear ballerina pajamas tonight!"
"No! I want to wear...[*thrilled face*] ROBOTS!"

2 packets of balloons: $3.
3 toddlers losing their minds with joy over balloons: priceless.

They hoovered up a 1-pound bag of baby carrots in one sitting, because we gave them ranch dressing (which The Clown calls "branch") to dip them in. The Diva ran out of carrots, tipped up her little tub of dressing and began drinking it.

Diva, to Clown: "[pointing at My Little Pony] That's a girl's toy! [pointing at dinosaur] This is a boy's toy." Obviously she hasn't heard of Bronies. I guess gender-norm enforcing has kicked in at daycare :S

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By bibliobotic on Interview with a Big Dick

I read the first half of this interview thinking it was a really well-written mock interview with the dick-rock formation in the picture. So that happened.

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By adorable-eggplant on Trading In, Trading Up: Substitutions for the Sexiest Man of 2013

@codi_cathleen Mischief managed. ;)

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