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@meetapossum As a kid, what always bothered me the most about writing with you know is that every high school always looked like a southern California high school, where every classroom opens to the outdoors.

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@melis Correct! It's called "litotes."

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Ugh, I barely care enough to say this, but: HOLLYWOOD IS SO STUPID AND SELF-REFERENTIAL AND BORING!!! It's SO BORING! Between this and the stupid end-of-the-universe movie coming out with every stupid actor under 40, and the fact that almost every Hollywood movie made now is filled with aren't-I-hilarious little cameos and winks at the audience about 'the biz', I may never pay to see a blockbuster again. You know why Hitchcock could get away with appearing in all of his movies? Because he made masterpiece films!! CHRIST! And before all of the smarmy 'guess it takes all kinds!/who cares, it's just the internet and everything is stupid!' comments in response to mine, just ask yourself: Do you really want to live "in a world..." where this is all we collectively demand from 'art'? Especially when it's so well funded and publicized that it reaches an enormous group of people, even if it's utter sh*t? UGHGHGHGHHH.

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@Slutface the difference btwn craigslist and OkCupid is that one is kiiind of from another era/generation in terms of finding dates. And it's sketchy. OkCupid is much more mainstream and more widely used among 23-year-olds, so the chances of finding a nice guy your age on there are probably much much better. I'd say, start online dating and meet someone that way. And then have sex with them. Especially if you're a girl, it WON'T be hard. The power balance on that site is greatly in females' favor.

Personally, though, I'd adopt a combination of OkCupid/wait it out as a strategy. That might have something to do with me just not liking to have sex with random people I don't know at all (I make all new guys I go out with get tested for HIV etc., and I find that the length of time it takes for an STI panel to come back is about long enough for me to figure out whether I want to go there with someone or not), but I'd say that by getting online you'll not only have plenty of opportunity, you'll also have plenty of opportunity to be as discerning (or not) as you want.

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It's like there are no Craigslist Killers in Canada or something? I mean, I know we have talked about this before, you and I, but I just can't get over it. I mean, I wouldn't use Craigslist to buy a chair (or something else trivial? I'm struggling with examples here).

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AAAHH! Great piece, Emily! Shout out from a Seattle Pinner. Girl, I am absorbing some innernet h8 all the way over in the U-District for ya. You shall be collectively purchased drinks at the next 'Pinup, I imagine.

Am I still smart and sardonic (re: upthread comment) for being supportive? I probably would have cried at some of those internet comments, ridiculous or not. What chutzpah!

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