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I have the best dog in the world.

On Friday Open Thread

@talaria I moved my dog and cat with me from the US to the UK in October. I was SO nervous - I cried when I left them at the airport and didn't sleep until they were safe and sound in my husband's care on the UK side. They did have a rough few days but adapted just fine.

Make sure you kitty gets plenty of fresh water the first few days after he arrives. I gave my cat canned food with extra water added in - they don't get water on the flight so they can get dehydrated, plus, cats are prone to kidney issues (especially when stressed out) so hydration is important. ... I think keeping him inside for a good while is probably the safest bet. It took me about three months before I felt like my cat was well-adapted enough to start letting her outside, and then only for short times.

For @packedsuitcase and anyone else who is considering moving internationally with pets, I highly recommend looking into pet moving services. We did and they were worth every penny. They help a lot with the logistical work and, in our case, were at Heathrow super early in the morning to receive our pets, process all the paperwork and then drive them to our new place.

I hope that helps!! Feel free to ask me more questions...

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On Friday Open Thread

@frenz.lo (yeah I'm 2 days late) I'm getting my IUD out on Friday and I was already anxious about it and now my cervix is retreating in horror. I hope your 2nd try goes smoothly!

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On "This Is NPR. This... Is NPR. This Is N. P. R."

I'll just be sitting here in my apartment practicing the scripts...

(I used to have a job where I worked on a headset all day and I've been told by quite a few customers that I have an "NPR voice." I always loved that compliment.)

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On Friday Open Thread

Thank you for the suggestions, everybody! I texted some people who said they are busy tomorrow :( But I also remembered I'm running a 10k on Sunday and I turned up Tegan and Sara REAL LOUD (sorry neighbors) and I'm feel better already. It's possible I just needed loud music.

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On Friday Open Thread

@jamielee On your race - good luck! I am sure it will go just fine! First races are scary but I bet you will have a lot of fun, and also the nervous energy from the crowd will help you run faster (be sure not to start out too fast!)

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On Friday Open Thread

@robotosaur Ahh that does sound wonderful, the weather is NOT nice here but maybe I can substitute drinking coffee in a crowded little coffee shop.

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On Friday Open Thread

@parallel-lines yes, I do try really hard to do this! The problem is that I moved pretty recently to a big city and I've had a REALLY hard time making friends here, despite actively seeking out places where I ought to be able to meet people. I did hang out with some people today and I have a friend-date for next Friday, and making those happen was good for me! I just need to have enough friends that I can call some up on short notice.

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On Friday Open Thread

What do you guys do when you're feeling kinda lonely? Nothing too bad - my dude's been out of town and most of my friends are far away, and I've been keeping busy with workout classes and books and tv, but I'm starting to feel a little bit isolated. I might take myself out for a pedicure tomorrow!

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On I Look Like a German Man

@RoxxieRae Yes, me too, I am exactly like this! I spent hours (decades) crying out of frustration that I just didn't feel right in girl clothes, girl shoes, girl hair, until finally my husband told me that it was obvious I'm most comfortable with short hair and androgynous/menswear-y clothes and he thought I should just embrace it. So I did and I feel so much happier (and sexier) and it's only been like, four months.

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On "Gut Bugs" and Michael Pollan's Magic Schoolbus

@par_parenthese There's also a chapter about it in Mary Roach's new book! I love reading about this stuff.

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