On Totally Official, Very Earnest, Not-Joking Book Recommendations for the Next Hairpin Book Club

If he's a horse, then whose hands are those?

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On Formative Sexperiments

@Chaim Citronenbaum
And I am impressed to read this comment, Dr. Citronenbaum.

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On Ask a (Terrifyingly) Clean Person: Oozing Gourds, Glue Mishaps and Food Coloring Woes

So I have to ask, what does the cigar/cigarette ash do? I've definitely seen butter and other fats recommended for taking water stains off wood, so that makes sense to me, but I'm wondering about the rest.

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On Ghosts Of My Youth

This is wonderful.
And if I may be That Guy for a moment, I believe that a female practitioner of Santeria is known as a Santera.

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On Dude Text Decoded

"We dudes..."
Ehh, no thanks.

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On On Hair, There and Everywhere, and Intra-Cultural Shame

@Green No one cares about your boner.

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On Ruth Bader Ginsburg: "I had to be told by my law clerks, what's this Notorious."

I thought I could not love her more, and then I learned about the Jabot of Dissent. Amazing.

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On Why I Have To Be So "Rude"

"Here is the lead singer. When he first appeared on screen I almost started crying because I was still stoned and I thought he was a weimaraner wearing a wig"

I almost cried at this and I'm not even stoned.

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On In Praise of Broads

@TrishB: I should read ahead before commenting, but consider it seconded!

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On In Praise of Broads

@and it's not even my birthday: And her buddy Molly Ivins too, while we're at it.

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