On Tonight's Full Moon

Uhhhhhhh apparently I was due to experience domestic violence and a nasty shock relating to money and my career this week.

Neither of these things happened! I thought horoscopes were meant to be pleasingly vague, not horrifying?

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On Breaking News Round-Up

@loren smith Cardiff! Apparently it wouldn't survive long in the current temperature, though.

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On The Hoax Exposer

@happy go lucky scamp Wow. I wonder why he thought he could get away with that?

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On The Hoax Exposer

@Vera Knoop Someone got killed?

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On The Hoax Exposer

@laserbeams I should add that when I was 18 I flew halfway around the world by myself to stay with a boy I'd met online and decided I was in love with, and I didn't get killed or anything, so, um, yeah. I don't think I should've been allowed the internet when I was a teenager.

Really enjoyed Catfish, though. It rang so, so true to my own experiences, though luckily I didn't actually go to meet anyone in person who'd been lying about who they were.

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On The Hoax Exposer

The first person I ever talked to online was a compulsive liar. I've never talked about it, and I don't think anything was ever written about her on any hoax sites, but - at one point, she faked her own death, and it was seriously fucked up.

I was a sheltered, naive, lonely 15 year old. The first time I logged on to a chat site, I was an idiot and said something stupid and got yelled at. This person stuck up for me, and I basically decided she was amazing and kept going back to the chatroom to talk to her (and other people, obvs). She talked about her job, her expensive clothes, her young daughter, and all this stuff; I was totally bowled over that this woman would want to be friends with me and just accepted everything she said.

Only it was wildly inconsistent, and sometimes she'd talk about going to school and stuff. And somehow I never ever questioned her? I mentally filed away "Okay, that's weird, that contradicts what she said last week" but mostly I just assumed I'd got confused or something. She'd told different people that her real name was a few different things, too, and looking back now I just think I was clearly a moron to keep being "friends" with her. But at the time, I didn't have many friends, so I just went along with whatever.

We talked in the chatroom, on a messageboard, and over ICQ. She was one of the most popular people in that little community, and seemed to be friends with everyone, but she always had stories to tell. Apparently there were all these tragedies in her life, like her parents dying in an accident, and her kid being ill, and her being a single parent, and I was always sympathetic.

One day I got an email from, supposedly, her cousin, saying that she'd killed herself. "He" said she'd tried to kill herself multiple times before, but had finally succeeded, so he'd hacked her email to let her online friends know. I spent hours on the phone to our mutual online friends in other countries, crying over her. Despite all the weird lies I'd noticed, I really thought she was my friend, and I really loved her, and I was devastated that she was dead.

But then someone called the church where her funeral was supposedly happening. Someone called the police in her hometown. No-one knew anything about it. We started to get suspicious, and then she called me, saying she'd been away but came back to find everyone in the chatroom talking about her death, and that she'd been hacked and knew nothing about it. I was so relieved that I think... I actually believed her?

I stayed friends with her for years. Even after I realised that I knew nothing about this woman, that nothing she'd told me could be trusted, and we weren't "friends" at all. It was just... totally weird.

I feel like it must've been easier to get away with that sort of stuff back then, when you couldn't really find out much information about someone's real life by Googling them. It's amazing that people still try it today.

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On Friday Open Thread

@KeLynn That's reassuring!

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On Friday Open Thread

I bought a car! For the first time ever! And now I own a car!

I had to get my dad to come with me, despite the fact that I am almost 30, because I'm a big wimp and also know virtually nothing about cars because it took me until last year to even take a driving test, so I felt like I was walking into dealerships with a big target painted on my back. But now I have a car! Arghhhh! I'm going to have to drive places!

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On The Oddest Book Title of the Year

"It was the day my penis exploded."

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On Friday Open Thread

@geek_tragedy I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. I turned 29 last month and now it's like... what should I be doing? I'm sure there's something! But I'm not sure what!

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