On Our Bella, Ourselves

Ms. Blackwood, I have to ask - In all of this gloriously messy and horrific depiction of pregnancy and birth, how do you feel about Meyer's representation of the infertile woman?
For example, when Leah Clearwater and Jacob talk about how Leah's period stopped after she became a werewolf. The phrase Jacob uses when he considers the fact that she's likely infertile is "what was she now?" He wonders if she became a werewolf because "she wasn't as female as she should be." What's your take on the implication that Leah is somehow not female (or at least not wholly female) based on the functionality of her genitalia?

Actually, I'm curious to know how you feel about her use of Leah altogether.
The kid's life sucks. Over the course of the novels, her long-time boyfriend disappears for days (weeks?) without a trace, only to reappear and refuse to tell anyone where he was or what he was doing. As they start to repair their relationship, he inexplicably dumps her for her cousin. Said cousin is then 'mauled by a bear,' and nearly dies. Leah becomes a werewolf, triggering the heart attack that kills her father. Unfortunately, being a werewolf means that she now has no privacy, even within her own mind. Her brain is being shared with some half-dozen young men, among whom are her ex and her little brother. This will also be about the time that she discovers her cousin (who's now engaged to Sam) wasn't actually mauled by a bear, but was attacked by Sam. So now she's grieving for her father, guilt ridden for being the cause of his death, worried for Emily's safety, all kinds of emotionally confused about Sam, and trying to handle all this with a bunch of guys who don't particularly like her listening to her every thought while she hears every thing they think about her. Throw in a pregnancy scare and the realization that she won't ever have kids if she wanted 'em, and that's a lot for a nineteen year old to deal with.

You think it's wonderful when Bella goes into an emotional coma for months over Edward dumping her. How do you feel about Leah being vilified for lashing out when faced with all this confusion and tragedy?

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