On Your Breakfast Has Been Lying to You


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On For Your Next Island Getaway

AH! There's also a cave somewhere along the Venezuelan coast that is filled with statues of the Virgin Mary. HUNDREDS! All in various stages of decomposition.

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On Six Fairy Tales for the Modern Woman

@lovethyself beautiful

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On "July the First Is When We Say Goodnight"

I'm too sad to talk about it.

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On Happy International Women's Day

@Ophelia I used to work for JSI! But now I'm with World Education, which is affiliated, though not quite JSI. I have a couple of friends at DAI! Not too surprising I guess, since there only seems to be 2-3 degrees of separation between anyone working in this field.

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On Happy International Women's Day

This day is a big deal in a lot of places! We're doing a redefine #WOMENSWORK campaign today.

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On When You're at Singles Yoga...

Looks like we've come full circle !

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On The Very Best Featuring K'naan, "We Ok"

<3 <3 <3 them

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On Lana Del Rey, Little [Silver] Riding [Vampire]?! Perfect.

What ever happened to fixing your hair?

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On 'Pinners Unite for Good!

The International Rescue Committee (IRC). They provide humanitarian assistance in conflict and disaster zones, as well as resettle refugees in the US. I volunteer with newly settled refugees, and donate whenever I can. They're one of the most respected humanitarian assistance organizations, and I find that their marketing and solicitations are extremely respectful of their recipients (i.e. no pictures of starving African children or other emotional manipulation). http://www.rescue.org/

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