On Behind the Scenes at Camp Gyno, the "Best Tampon Ad in the History of the World"

@pamb I got mine at 14 (woooo late-ish bloomer!), but I think the premise was that she was the *first* one at camp to get it, at least in her age group, so it makes sense that she'd be younger. I was the very last of all my friends to get mine, and 14 really isn't that late.

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On Friday Open Thread

Thanks everyone. :) I feel a lot better about the situation. I'm not in any dire financial (or other) straights, I'm a recent college grad and am at home with my parents (which, surprisingly, isn't too terrible at the moment), and have some savings so I can cover my bills for about another six months or so. I'll see how the interview goes tomorrow, ask a bunch of questions so I can figure out exactly how/if the job is like I think it is, and go from there. Wish me luck!

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On Friday Open Thread

Okay so job-related question time:

I've been looking for a job since June, landed a few phone interviews on a regular basis but not much else. A friend recommended me for a job, and I have an interview on Monday. I strongly suspect they might offer it to me, because they wanted to hire my friend, but she already has a job (which is why she recommended me), and because the position would start August 12th. The problem is that I'm not super thrilled about the job, because it doesn't really line up with my skill set and seems pretty stressful. I've also applied to a half dozen other places that I'm waiting to hear back from, and am more interested in working at, but right now I have nothing set in stone.

So my question is, if the job people offer me the job, would I be stupid to turn it down if I don't have another lined up right away? Is A job always better than NO job?

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On Friday Open Thread

So this week I started the process of trying to not get kicked out of grad school. Last semester I triggered the big "CONSEQUENCES" lever because I worked too much at my crappy job and had family stress and stuff and didn't spend enough time doing homework. So I've had awkward conversations with professors I've never met in person asking them to let me continue for one more semester so I can have my stupid piece of paper. It's my fault, I just thought I'd trigger probation for my last semester, not SERIOUS consequences. It sorta seems like they'll side with probation, but I dunno yet. So oops.

Anywho, I'm waiting on pins and needles to find out what committees say and such. It really feels like if they don't rule in my favor, everything is over. So do any of you have epic failure or potential failure stories that didn't turn out to be life-ending?

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On "Halo," LP


Also I'm a fan of that upright Bass dude. Mhmm.

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On Here's Brad Paisley's Horrible New Song "Accidental Racist"

@WILLOWW Yes! That's what I mean! GOOD ways of taking pride in one's heritage!

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On Here's Brad Paisley's Horrible New Song "Accidental Racist"

@SarcasticFringehead It's more of an implicit message than anything. People don't feel guilty because they're told to feel guilty, they feel guilty as a result of the cocktail of messages they get. To me it seems like when you go abroad and people complain about how terrible American tourists are - a pretty common reaction is to apologize, right? On behalf of your fellow Americans? Except in the case of white dudes, you're not allowed to add "but we're not all like that! See, I'm different!" because all of them experience the benefits of institutional racism.

What's missing from a lot of diversity "talks" is the message that it's okay for white people to be proud of their heritage, too. The only people who are white and proud of their ancestry that get talked about are the KKK. A big part of the problem is that when white dudes try to talk about the fact that they're only getting told that their people are horrible and it sucks, they're told to shut up because they're the most privileged people in society. And while it's true that they're the most privileged people in society, that doesn't mean individual people deserve to have their experiences ignored because other people have it much worse. And THEN because no one talks about how to be proud of your heritage as a white person in good ways, we get shit like people flying the Confederate Flag as a symbol of southern heritage and not understanding why people get so offended, because to them it just seems like you're saying that they aren't allowed to be proud of their heritage at all.

So in a certain sense, I think it IS about soothing people's feelings, not by ignoring the horrible realities of racism, but by teaching them that they aren't personally responsible for how society is and how to be proud of their heritage in positive ways that don't hurt people. It's one thing if people are hard-headed about things, but it seems to me like no one is making any effort to reach the white dudes, they expect the white dudes to do all the intellectual legwork when they don't even know where to begin.

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On Here's Brad Paisley's Horrible New Song "Accidental Racist"

Okay, this song is completely terrible, and I've seen similar attitudes among other white people (mostly dudes). I think part of the reason for it is because we're finally at a place where we're teaching kids about all the terrible crap that happened in our history, learning about oppression, all of that. But the message of very single "diversity" talk I experienced until college was "White people did (do) terrible things, and because you are white you have to feel personally terrible and a little bit responsible." So year after year all the white boys start to get pissed, because they don't see how they've personally done anything wrong, despite the fact that they get all kinds of societal benefits. And so we get things like this song.

It wasn't until during an RA diversity training day in college that I even heard a diversity speaker talk about not just that racism is a thing, but about being proud of your heritage (whatever it is), how privilege works, how educating yourself helps you to not be "accidentally racist." It wasn't "white people are terrible!" It was "Lots of white people have been terrible, these are the ways their terribleness effects society even today, and this is how we go about combating it." So maybe if we put more effort into teaching the kiddos about racism and diversity, we can curtail another generation of obnoxious, confused, and offended white boys.

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On Friday Open Thread

Yeah, part of my issue is that I'm applying to about a dozen different places in my field, so I wasn't sure if my potential references would be suddenly inundated with ALL THE CALLS and emails and such about me. But if they usually wait until after interviews, that seems way more realistic. Thank you so much you guys. :)

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On Friday Open Thread

So I'm trying to do the whole learn to be a real adult Lady thing, finishing up stupid grad school and whatnot, so I'm applying for big person jobs for the first time (eek!). I've figured out resumes and cover letters, but when they ask for references in a job posting, do they just want contact info? A full letter? Do they actually go through the trouble of contacting people, or do they just want to see that there are people who are willing to vouch that you're not a secret serial killer?

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