On Light-ish, Hippie-ish, Side Dish Ish/Help

Typically I go straightforward and do either or of the following:
Sautee a little garlic, shallot in oil til soft in a pan, throw in a big bag of green beans, add salt, pepper and cook til bright green and tender but still crisp, then toss a little balsamic in there. BOOM

Also pre heat an oven to about 400, on a baking tray put asparagus, drizzle with olive oil and fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper, toss to coat (adding lemon slices over asparagus if you'd like) and pop in the oven for about 10-12 minutes, depending on how big they are.

Also Mark Bittman has a great recipe on roasted sweet potatoes out there that's equally great.

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On The Hairpin Halloween Advent Calendar: Halloween Confessions

Oh man Thyra, I had the same thing happen to me in the fourth grade. I was WAY into Laura Ingalls Wilder/anything historical and my mother made me a prairie girl costume, complete with a bonnet and bloomers. When I debuted at school in the face of scary and princess costumes from the store I was mortified.

But a fun story! In college we would have a concert every year in the student center, and my roommate and I smuggled beer into it by putting cans of Pabst into a six-pack holder, and filling the top with candy.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Here We Go Again With the Roaches

@PomPom OH INDEED Max Force gel. My first post-college apartment had a serious issue (namely because the previous tenants were serious scumbags)So with the $50 of birthday money I got from my dad I went to town at Home Depot, got the max force gel, some spray to put around my baseboards, and the finishing touch of Raid Deep Reach fogger. I put that shit down and went to my waitress gig, only to receive a text from my room mate that said "so many dead roaches. I'm horrified and elated at the same time."

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On Ask a Clean Person: What's Cookin'? Oh. Ew.

@travelmugs my cat is either the laziest or most brilliant feline I've ever encountered; she saw a mouse and instead of killing it, scared it and ushered it into a snap trap I placed down. Cross-species teamwork!

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On Beauty Q&A: Caftans, Baby Gifts, and What Is Up With BB Creams?

@dk Oh DIP. I just threw up the bat signal to my other lady friends that this was happening. There goes my paycheck (but with many many dresses!)

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On My Recent Life According to My Yelp.com Reviews

@parallel-lines Nooooooo......Korzo really? Where's Applewood? Also yes, Buttermilk looks like my Aunts finished basement in the 80s' minus her sweet Freon-spurting air hockey table

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On My Recent Life According to My Yelp.com Reviews

@parallel-lines Oh hey this is also my neighborhood, and I too love South while the sun is still out. Also--waaay to have a multi-colored sign to get your point across I Want a Breast Pump. tee hee.
P.S. the Bloody Mary's at Korzo are much. better. And quite strong.

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On The $625 Apartment

@Lady Humungus Oh mannnn I grew up in Buffalo (currently live in Brooklyn) where my brother pays the same amount as I do and gets much much nicer amenities (tin ceilings! amazing bathroom! Outdoor Space!). Ohh all those gorgeous old houses...

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On Beauty Disasters: How to Cover Up Almost Anything

@Emmanuelle Cunt Have you seen the (I think they're Band-aid brand) band-aids designed exclusively for blisters? http://www.drugstore.com/band-aid-advanced-healing-blister-cushions/qxp79971
I used these when I was doing crew many years ago, and they would stay on the blister as I was doing most anything.

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On Beauty Disasters: How to Cover Up Almost Anything

If you notice a monster zit the night before, take asprin, crush it in a little bowl with the back of a spoon (or a toothbrush end-whatever works) and add a teensy bit of water, enough to make a paste. Put that paste right on that sucker and let it dry that bastard out. Works great for those zits that you can feel are huuuge and painful under the skin.

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