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On The Pickpocket Article in "The New Yorker"

As the article mentions, he was a consultant on the recently-cancelled TNT show Leverage, and trained the actress who played Parker, the show's thief, in the art of the lift. (He also was on one episode, in a small role.)

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On A Rap Genius Interview

@Lucienne Although Jean-Ralphio has the decency to make his money the old-fashioned way: getting run over by a Lexus

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On Considering Criticism, Impostor Syndrome, and Married-People Ethics

@MilesofMountains I was I think the only one of my friends in grad school who didn't suffer from serious Impostor Syndrome outbreaks. Then I switched careers and I started to get I.S. in spades. I actually have come to think it's a good sign that I feel that way - that it's a sign, as Sane Person says, that I still have more to learn - especially since I've learned that some of the most accomplished women I know, in a range of fields, feel the Exact Same Way. Everyone feels like they're faking it at some level. The trick is to work with the ones who really aren't.

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On Beauty Q&A: Hair Products -- Why So Many?

@A Dolly Extremely belatedly, but if you have curly hair, you shouldn't be using even the Low-Poo on it daily. Use conditioner instead. I shampoo my hair once a week, tops.

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On Smitten Kitchen's Deb Perelman on Meat, Champagne, and the Secrets of QVC

@hellomynameis oh! Also, I meant to mention earlier, the Koeze Cream-Nut peanut butter, which you can find in your local goormey shops (or I can), is natural, made by a family-owned company in Michigan, all that good stuff, but stays mixed once you mix it.

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On Smitten Kitchen's Deb Perelman on Meat, Champagne, and the Secrets of QVC

I have only ever made one thing from her blog that was not the best thing ever, and for that I partially blame my own mistakes. I pre-ordered the cookbook too - can't wait.

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On The Best Time I Went on a Candida Cleanse

@Megano! when I was young and impressionable I was told that red wines had histamines in them, and the headache you may sometimes get from them is an allergic reaction which you can combat by taking antihistamines. I am not a heavy drinker, but I have followed that advice.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Warren Beatty Thinks This Song Is About Him

Here was a man playing a manwhore: a hapless, frustrated, confused manwhore who can’t keep his girlfriends, mistresses, and mishaps in order.

Warren Beatty can keep me in order ANY TIME HE LIKES. Bring Annette too.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Here We Go Again With the Roaches

@Frisky@twitter USEFUL to know. I haven't seen a roach in a while, knock wood, and I'm still going to re-evaluate my coffee storage methods.

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On Mascarapedia, Volume I

Also a suggestion for next time: the Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara! The formulation of hers that I loved and use has been discontinued, but the Everything looks like it'll be a good replacement, if I don't get that MAC one first...

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