On Our Bella, Ourselves

I would agree with this if it seemed as if Bella was meant to be portrayed as a realistic teenager or even as an unlikable/atypical heroine.The problem is that Bella is often self-obsessed, rude to other people, whiny and helpless - which one could say is typical of some teenagers - but we don't see the consequences of this in her relations. She's loved by everyone, immediately. Everyone at the new school wants to be her friend, several guys immediately falls for her. The only people who don't like her are the villains and Rosalie - who is jealous.

We're also told that Bella is ordinary and that she was unpopular back home. But we're not showed any of this, instead everyone who meets Bella immediately takes a liking to her. In some cases I would even use the word 'adored'. And we're also showed that she's a very special snowflake who doesn't even get held to the same rules of vampirehood as the rest of them (i.e she somehow doesn't have to even go through the newborn vamp phase).

So no, I don't think the problem with Bella is that she's portrayed as an ordinary teenager or that she has flaws. It's that she has these huge flaws, but no one ever react to them. No one calls her out on her selfishness and she's always adored. Her flaws aren't really presented as flaws, and that's where I think the problem lies for Bella as a character.

Posted on November 21, 2011 at 11:54 am 1