On Our Bella, Ourselves

With Bella however. She is very much like the inner workings of a teenager. I am a teenager so I would know. Most girls hide how they really feel inside and so does Bella. The book is inside her head, so you freaking out over her thoughts is kind of irrational. Thoughts are extreme and are not deffinate. Trust me, hang out with a girl breaking down over a boy... it's intense. :)

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On Our Bella, Ourselves

I think this was very well written and valid in many aspects. As I have read the comments, I have seen many complaints against Edward's behavior. For me, his bahavior wasn't odd at all, for his character. Edward is not a human boy. He is a supernatural preditor, with preditor-like behaviors. Though creepy, it works quite well. If you think about it, someone that is programmed to track/stalk and kill by instinct, would act simillarly when dealing with someone they like. Stalking is just part of Edward's "kind". i always thought of him as like... a jungle cat. I know it's a cheesey thing to compair him to, but he isn't too far from one. When jungle cats want food, they go for it and get what they want. When they want a mate, they don't back down with that either. Vampires are animal-like preditors. They don't think the same way as humans. Their brains and DNA have been changed. Now I know I am speeking of them as if they were real haha. Did not mean to make it sound that way. Still, when Tolken wrote Dracula, he must have had simillar things in mind. Though the description of a vampire has changed down through the years, them being creepy hasn't changed. No matter how romantic you try and make them, they always have their creepy side. So the character of Edward, I believe, was just fine. The problem here is with the girls reading the books. They need to realize that if normal "human" boys are like this... it is BAD. So for all you tweens out there, Edward is a fictional vampire. Normal teen boys should not act the same way as he.

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