On The People Have Spoken, and The People Want SWANTS

I've Subscribed to their YouTube channel, so I can watch it once here and then again from the subscription, where I've got the series stored. All the thumbs up. My only comment would be No Boys Allowed!! (But with love)

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On Now That I'm Married, I Only Use Crystal

There isn't a "Mrs. Erika Barnes" unless there's a "Mr. Erika Barnes." It's "Erika Barnes" or "Mrs. Eric Barnes." I'm sending you an autographed copy of, "Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior" you'll love it!

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On Friday Open Thread

@garli WELL DONE. Im with Madeline Shoes: I'd complained about sexual harassment and drug use by managers at my work. Corporate straightened it out with some firings and reassignings and left me dangling, wouldn't transfer me, everyone somehow knew it was me, and the retaliation was intense; suddenly I was not promotable or worthy of a raise... I didn't know I should have lawyered up while still employed there, it's too late now, seems like (I've checked) But good on you for getting em out, so many people won't. Not all jobs are as slack as my HR.

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On Friday Open Thread

@ladybee I was not prepared for what a lovely city Austin is, but I was there long before it got hip and known about. I was astounded to see the love people have for the Capitol building and that it was a date destination. Lots of strolling around the interior. Also a very dressy city. Have a great time!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Mlbunt If you're out at a club, rubbing a wedge of lemon on the area then rinsing, will bring you back to acceptable.
My grandmother used to say perfume should whisper, not shout.
Also see the first 10 minutes of the Jude Law version of "Alfie." Except, maybe not perfume on genitals, I think.

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On My Valiant Battle Against a Loud Co-Co-Worker, Part I

PS http://www.lawyersandsettlements.com/articles/california_labor_law/california-labor-laws-state-law-21-12166.html#.UoWlU6WX1Fw

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On My Valiant Battle Against a Loud Co-Co-Worker, Part I

I saw Miss Manners address something similar. To paraphrase she'd suggested going to one's own boss and calmly stating that the behavior of one person is affecting the productivity of the whole dept. I remember her saying that even the most indulgent, you deal with it boss is going to tune in to money being wasted and work not getting done. You could explore the legal ramifications of a hostile work environment if you ever feel threatened by this guy. Do that while you're still employed. Document every occurrence what was said who was around. Also if you see a doctor for stress, it sounds like your blood pressure is getting jacked up. Stay on topic, don't be drawn into how he's making you feel when he talks to you (is my take) all that is likely doing is telling him his tactics are working. Is his manager happy with his work?

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On "The truth is, the ten or twenty minutes I was somebody’s mother were black magic": Ariel Levy's "Thanksgiving in Mongolia"

I understood her to have been sharing her thoughts at the moment, understanding she'd been weak and sick for a considerable length of time at that point. She sounds more dead than alive, certainly exhausted past rational thought.
But I was horrified at her yanking the umbilical cord out of herself, and watching the baby turn blue. Too much.

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On Friday Open Thread

@siniichulok "Punch out and keep working" an employer I had, had the Federal Wage and Hour Division fine them plenty for that, and the kids the employer pulled that stunt on got their wages repaid. You don't need a lawyer, no fees to you.

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On Friday Open Thread

@SmartCookie thanks to Jane, I learned about Laura Mercier eye makeup base. It makes my makeup look grownup and stay put. Twenty-one bucks that changed my life forever.

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