On How to Enjoy Wine, or True Things vs. Total BS About Wine

@curryspice ah, duly noted. Thanks!

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On How to Enjoy Wine, or True Things vs. Total BS About Wine

@hairdresser on fire Dudes! Good news! If you don't like lukewarm liquids, then you can throw that sucker in the fridge. Try it. I've absolutely chilled bottles of Zinfandel and Sangiovese, which tend to be a little lighter, and I find it refreshing (not ice cold, necessarily, just not room temp). There are also some carbonated reds, (not just for Champagne anymore!) Shiraz principally, that are usually served chilled. It's fun, like a pants off dance off in your mouth.

Also, have you tried a tawny port? It's sweet in a different way, but it's considered a dessert wine, which it sounds like you favor.

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On Lucinda Rosenfeld's "Friend or Foe" Advice Column at Slate

I feel like every circle of friends has that one person that is kind of a shitty person, and no one really actually likes her and if you met her today on the street you DEFINITELY wouldn't be friends with her, but she grew up with one of you, and/or your families are friends and/or someone dated her brother for a really long time or something, and you feel like you owe something to the friendship bc of the time spent/history and/or just can't shake her...and so it seems easier to just invite her to your yearly whatever and then write agonizing, furtive letters like this than to just woman up and cut the cord. (but it feels so much better to wriggle out of that selfish bitch's grasp IMHO)

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On A Lazy Woman's Guide to Exercise

@cherrispryte Whoa! I just read it again to make sure I didn't call anybody ugly ugly or encourage them to hate themselves, and to my extreme relief I did not. Because, why would I...? In the edit this unfortunately lost a paragraph that explained that despite aging, I've never been one to work out for the sake of vanity, nor am I responsible enough to work out for my health - I need practical motivation! Instant results! Hence, tongue in cheek yet real world reasons to exercise with a bonus of getting some tone and of course, staying healthy. Because yes, if you're looking for killer abs, you're probably on Runners World or something, not the Hairpin. But the plank ABS-solutely (sorry) does work though!

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On My Period Takes Me Shopping

This is wonderful and fantastic.

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On Living With Breasts That Can Be Seen From Orbit

*stands up, slow claps*

Love, me

(aka a 34F that wore a 36DD, until a girl I'd just met at a party/Alla Prima employee took one look at me and said, "Girrrrrrl, you are wearing the wrong bra. Come to the shop tomorrow, we'll hook you up." And they did. Changed. My. Life.)

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On A Taxonomy of Black Hairstyles

@randummy YES! When my hair is "out" I feel like super powerful! Like a lion! No wonder they are King of the jungle! (I can relate). Also it keeps my ears hella warm. ALSO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enpFde5rgmw

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On The Pros and Cons: Online Dating

If any real-deal dates come out of the comments section of this post, I will open up and run a dating service out of my basement. I really will. (I hope I hope I hope I hope).

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On The Pros and Cons: Online Dating

(I'm really loving these success stories ya'll.)

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On A Taxonomy of Black Hairstyles

Oh, girl, we have so much to talk about. I've had every hairstyle in the book, and around 20 decided to let my hair do what it wants and observe. 10 years later I'm so happy to be naturally nappy and it's not a pain in the ass at ALL and it looks great and I can go swimming whenever I want. Eff the (majority of the) black hair care industry and magazines and rap videos and all of their bamboozlings. I can talk to you about ALL OF THESE THINGS. For now, though, I will just leave this here: www.carolsdaughter.com.Seriously. Holler.

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