On Teaching Trayvon

@iceberg Well, he wants the head of the NYPD to replace Janet Napolitano, so ...

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On Teaching Trayvon

As a linguist who teaches sociolinguistics courses on race, ethnicity, and social identity, there are several ways to tie this case into my lectures on:

1. Ethnic slurs. I would mention the (now forgotten) issue of whether or not Zimmerman called him a "coon", and pair the "creepy ass cracker" and n-word issues with two sources: a David Roediger reading on white ethnic slurs and a documentary called The N-Word. Somewhat related is the use of words like "thug" in discourse.

2. Ethnicity/race labels, census categories, and the history of who does and does not count as white. People's confusion over "white Hispanic" definitely ties in here.

3. Linguistic profiling and discrimination based on accent/dialect. Rachel Jeantel's testimony wasn't evaluated so much for its content so much as for her "attitude", which is perceived as bad partly because she speaks African American Vernacular English and uses gestures that are widespread throughout the West African diaspora. A related issue is how much people who speak "standard" American English choose to accommodate or not accommodate to other dialects, depending on region, ethnicity, and social class. If Rachel had had a thick British accent, would we be getting the same kind of complaints about her?

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On What Is a "Water Fountain"

@yeah-elle A lot of California is Southern-influenced due to migration patterns, so not that weird!

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On What Is a "Water Fountain"

@olivebee The original study by Bert Vaux (the linguist who collected all the data) does have yinz! Also you'uns, you lot, youse, etc. The statistician's algorithm is only including the top four answers. You can see a less pretty but more complete version of that map here: http://www4.uwm.edu/FLL/linguistics/dialect/staticmaps/q_50.html

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On CL, "나쁜 기집애 (The Baddest Female)"

I love how she uses African American English influenced pronunciation in her Korean - crossing, for any linguistics nerds out there. There's some fascinating research on it lately. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.0883-2919.2004.00367.x/abstract

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On Beauty Q&A: Remember Crystal Gayle?

A friend of mine recently sold her hair on a hair-selling site (can't remember the name, sorry). For the most part it was legit, and she got decent offers, but one person offered something hundreds of dollars higher than the others. But then part of the deal he wanted was for her to send him a bunch of pictures of herself with different kinds of bizarre haircuts. She considered it but was creeped out and took one of the lower, normal offers. So you can sell online, but watch out for creepers!

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On Azealia Banks, "Van Vogue"

Struggling to drink water at 1:13!

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On "Do you have a pic of Sim women laughing alone while eating salad?"

Hahaha, best comment on that page: "You sad bored little people how can sum1 sit n take a random pic of a sim laughin at salad? ye sims a gud game but ye sit and play it but tek pics wtf weirdo or wot ya need t get a new hobbie coz this ones strange"

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On Five Scarring Horror Movies I Watched at Slumber Parties

@Princess Slayer WHAT WAS WRONG WITH HER. We had tons of those around our house in Arizona. They mostly were in places like the garage and the electrical box, but one time I went to the kitchen in the middle of the night and there was one hanging out right by the fridge. Terrifying!

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On Five Scarring Horror Movies I Watched at Slumber Parties

@warriorworrierwoman Ugh, I do remember that! Doesn't it slide down like right by her boobs? *shudder*

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