On A Wishlist From The Pit of Despair

What is it about washing hair that seems so incredibly difficult when you're depressed? It's like, I can bring myself to do even physically hard things (dishes, for example) but washing my hair feels like climbing Mt. Everest.

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On Why I Have To Be So "Rude"

THANK YOU. This song is so fucking terrible I cannot even be coherent when it is brought up. Now I can just forward this article to everyone and be like HERE ARE MY FEELINGS.

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On X-Files Red, Not Lohan Red: A Haircut Trauma

@Ramonita This did read as incredibly mean-spirited. I just don't get why the author persists in creating her own trauma - find a hairstylist who "gets" your requests, and keep going to them. Problem fucking solved. :P

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On A Story About Fancy Toast, Sort Of

I went to Trouble Coffee once with some friends - when I asked if they had any artificial sweetener, the barista gave me attitude about it. When I said I literally cannot have sugar, he suggested I put honey in my coffee. I went down the street to a 7/11, bought some splenda, and I've never been back.

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On You Are Entitled to One Hour, Six Minutes, and 48 Seconds of Comfort

@Emby Lies and slander! I gave in to the linen pants trend a few summers back, and spent countless hours trying to get them back to their new and unwrinkled state. Linen - NOT EVEN ONCE.

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On The Hoax Exposer

@Mira The funny thing is, I actually have some MCY yarn from before all that went down! Then there was the sock pattern lady who "died" but didn't - I want to say it was Momma Monkey? I knit one of her patterns before the fake death, now I call them my zombie socks.

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On The Oddest Book Title of the Year

"The Penis lived in a lilac wood and it lived all alone."

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On "Texts or calls often and promptly"

@fondue with cheddar It is definitely a thing! I sometimes feel bad that my boyfriend is SO EXCITED to see me, and I'm just not an excitable person, really.

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On The Period Pie

@I AM DIAPHENA Yup. Good boyfriends may tease you about it, but will be over it quite quickly - I can almost guarantee they've done something more embarrassing in their lives.

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On An Interview With Jessica Valenti

@MilesofMountains That wouldn't surprise me at all. A couple of the kids in my group were ADD, and this was back in the late 80's when, to the best of my knowledge, there wasn't much of a support structure in public schools to handle that. They did better under homeschool because their moms could design a program that actually worked for them - which, naturally, being the socialist liberal that I am, I'd love to see happen in regular schooling so mothers don't have to take on that burden. /end vaguely political rant

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