On Got Stains On My T-Shirt, And I'm The Biggest Flirt

This was my favorite album when I first got my driver's license. So many memories. My heart is aching.

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On The Weather Channel Apocalypse

i applied for a job at weather.com and they never replied... i dont get it! I am so good at hyperbole/anticipating sudden doom in spite of a lack of danger/being a debbie downer.

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On The bell hooks Hotline: For When You'd Rather Not Give Out Your Number

I so wish I'd had this when I was single. Also, I'm surprised we're arguing about this on The Hairpin? THIS IS A GREAT THING.

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On The Beauty Bridge

THIS: "When I was Aerie-aged and deeply concerned with what a teenage boy might rate my face and body on a scale from 1 to 10, I was never intimidated by the women I saw in magazines. What cowed me was how tremendously beautiful my friends were."

Seriously, girls in ads or magazines never bothered me or made me feel anywhere near as inferior as my prettier, cooler, skinnier friends did.

Also, wow Jia. Best thing you've written for the site so far, IMO. Love it. Thanks for the great work.

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On The OkCupid Honesty Project: An Exercise in Truth-Telling

i can't help but find this project extremely irritating and not at all thought provoking. We all have flaws, and we're dishonest about them as we're trying to lure significant others, I get it. We're also all to some degree unhappy. In fact, much of her profile writings I can relate to. But Jessica, it seems to me you're unhappy because you're so extremely self-involved. Maybe you should get a dog?

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On M.I.A. On the NFL: "It’s a Massive Display of Powerful Corporation Dick-Shaking"

I saw snippets of a documentary about MIA on TV once. It may have been PBS because I didn't have cable then. But basically it was her visiting Sri Lanka and playing her music and putting on a show in this destitute shanty town, with all these barefooted children booty shaking to it and following her around with drums. And then the show cut to MIA being interviewed about the scene reality-TV style, and she was like ::English Accent:: "I just want people to know, like, just because you live in a shanty town, it doesn't mean you can't be fly, you know?"

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On One Weird Trick to Control Your Boyfriend's Mind (the Trick Is Pouring Juice in His Dickhole)


best part of this is the phrase "female front bottom"

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On Reminder: Everyone Is Faking It

I'm not a teenager anymore and YET I still feel like Tavi is speaking directly to me anytime she does anything ever. I so wish she was around when I was like 16. But now is good too.

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On This Is Pretty Much How It Would Go

i don't care how wacky she gets, or what she does, i just effing love Oprah. I miss the hey day of her show so much.

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On Life Without Reverend Moon

Wow. This was beautiful, riveting, fascinating. Just everything that makes the hairpin great. Thanks for sharing your story Jen. Also, I loved the part about the women's magazines. Makes me proud to work at one, for once.

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