On A Letter to Judy Blume, Via a Doll in Her Likeness

@cocokins If you want, here are some stories of people's TSS. The original piece plus the comments.


Not all of these stories involved "gross" behavior, either. The girl in the original piece just slept with her tampon in.

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On Saying the "D" Word

About ten years ago, my mother was not treated for her appendicitis until she was halfway through death's door. Her surgeon was completely straight with our family about how incredibly sick she was.

After being discharged from the ICU, she had a massive setback, and the doctor didn't make any bones about it: She had a 30% chance of living through the night.

I was next of kin, so I had to approve all sorts of scary-sounding procedures. My brother was still in high school, and I was a sophomore in college. We didn't know what the hell we were doing, and we appreciated that the doctors told us exactly the implications of her condition, and each procedure they wanted to perform.

I'm glad they told us the truth about her condition. However bad it was to think about, it was necessary, to keep in mind that she may not live. It's a mindset you have to adjust to. She did live, which I attribute to her doctor being a god among men.

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On Saying the "D" Word

@queenofbithynia Got nothing useful to say, just wanted to agree 100%. I would describe the dying days of my beloved uncle as "dreary existential horror", definitely.

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On You Know Where That Tongue Has Been

That article is just a big pile of fear-mongering overreaction. There is nothing statistically significant about any of those unfortunate illnesses that happened to the people mentioned. (Take two seconds to google how few people get the plague a year, let alone rabies, which people vaccinate their animals for and for which effective human prophylaxis exists.)

On a relevant note, I probably would have emotionally collapsed yesterday if my insane gray cat hadn't snuggled up to me and covered me with nose kisses while I pathetically wept in my bed, because my unemployment benefits are running out. So really, screw this article.

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On "Betrayed" Isn't Totally the Right Word

I read Prudence, but she kind of pisses me off. My pet issue: She is extremely condescending and bitchy to anyone who doesn't want children. She lives to dig into the childless/childfree with hoary old barbs like "Sorry you don't like kids, because they'll be the ones taking care of you when you're old."

I get the feeling that she deliberately publishes letters from the whiniest and most unsympathetic of the unchilded. So she can have a fun time re-affirming her belief that the childfree people are the most overblown egotists imaginable. Prudence loves an easy target.

And I agree that her answers to these Gross Stepfather questions were insufficient. On the other hand, for her to give a proper answer, she'd have to drop that Cool Superior Prudie Façade for two seconds, and that would NEVER do.

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On George Is the Trendiest, But John Is Still the Best

@tekkatron It's definitely trendy to come out with George Harrison as your favorite Beatle. It's completely depressing that that's the case, but it is.

Right after George Harrison died, I made a joke like "Crap, all the good Beatles are dead now". One of my friends repeated it to his family at Thanksgiving, and it turned out they were all McCartney devotees. Whoopsidoodle.

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On The Best Time I Rapped on the Internet and Everyone Hated Me

@rabbitrabbit God, I agree. This kind of stuff is completely racist, and it's crazy to me that comment after comment rolled on by without ANYONE pointing that out. (Until you, of course!)

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On Potential Babies

@Diana I wish you WOULD write that article.

Having access to abortion means that the decision has never been "made for you" when you find yourself pregnant. Even if you would always choose to carry rather than abort, you have the option (if you're lucky). I'm a big fan of the option to abort. It's been so instrumental in the quality of life for women since the beginning of time. It should be okay to talk about.

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On An Argument Against the Fabric of the Holiday Season

Kind of annoying how many people think this woman is smug, or bitchy, or superior. A lot of what she says rings totally true for me.

Unlike the author, I've never been much of a drinker. I've never liked it that much, never understood blowing money on alcohol rather than food, never liked the way it bothered my stomach. never understood the appeal of bars, kind of felt like my drinking friends were using alcohol to avoid dealing with real issues.

The author is wrong about one thing: People DO pressure you to drink. They DO care whether or not you're drinking, too. I have received LOTS of that pressure through my life. As it turns out, many people can't be comfortable being complete drunks unless everyone around them are ALSO complete drunks. They can't even stand having a few drinks unless every else is. Even people who aren't alcoholics base so much of their social interactions and relationships around drinking, that I wonder how much of it they're really "there" for.

I have a friend who quit her heavy drinking ways, and then instantly found out that most of her friends were assholes that were only tolerable when she'd taken her cognitive abilities down a few notches.

Anyway, I truly resent the prevalent implication that All Fun People Drink. People at any level of tipsiness or drunkenness, are not fun to me. They're annoying. Drinkers don't have a monopoly on fun. That's just as snotty and smug an attitude, as many of you think this author's attitude is.

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On Questionably Tattooed Manchildren and New Uses for Old Jars

This is a good Dude. He proves it by the way he thoughtfully answered the First Letter Writer, who comes off as seriously insufferable, self-obsessed, and too-cool-for-school. I would have just responded, "Messaged received.You're the freest, coolest, most interesting woman around. No man can ever tame you. No woman measures up. It's a good thing that the first thing we learned about you is that you like sex, because makes you, truly, the Rarest of all Women. One day you'll find the perfect man, but I promise you won't have to grow up one inch, or compromise your ego the tiniest bit. It's all going to fall into your lap. These dudes you've been striking out with? They aren't put off by your towering, overwhelming ego! They're just children who aren't ready for a real woman."

That's what she wants to hear, right?

I guess it's hard to contain all that greatness, when your mind is always producing gems like "I can't seem to find a bro who wants a bite of my cool life sandwich".

"Don't be a metaphor for this generation", indeed.

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