On And I Will Call Her Candy Crush

@Scandyhoovian STUCK ON 65 TOOOOO! For like a month now. Am tempted to spend my way out of it, but have held out so far.

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On Name That Book!


Thank you thank you! THIS is the book I was going to ask about in this thread! I read it decades ago and think of it still, never sure if it was a dream or a real book, because JUST SO WIERD.

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On First Phone Photos: A Time Capsule, Part Two

@olivebee I produced something like that once after eating a lot of yummy beets but didn't make the connection at first and FREAKED OUT! Apparently the beets=red pee is a thing for some people.

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On Jim Behrle Wants to Know

@ThisLittlePiggy @ Megano! Yessssss.... I love you!! I feel like now it becomes MY chore if I have to be the one to decide whether or not you're going to take the trash out. Just dooooo it!

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On Ask a Med Student

@Ophelia Yes to nurse-midwives!
I saw hospital-affiliated CNM's throughout two somewhat-challenging pregnancies, and it was the best experience, ever. The delivery occurred in the hospital, not a Center, but things went as close to what we hoped for as possible, even when one ended up as an unexpected c-section (physicians become involved then, but the midwife is there throughout). And follow-up care was wonderful, too. I love midwives!

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On Kids and Food

@packedsuitcase Yes! This is absolutely true, at least has been in my parenting experience. I just kept putting out whatever veg./ new food was being served, and eventually the kiddos got used to seeing it and started to eat it. I think the thinking is that we are wired to reject weird new foods so we don't get poisoned or something. Having said that, some kids are not initially fond of flavorful sauces or spices, so when mine were toddlers I usually set aside a few plain pieces of whatever (chicken/ vegs from curry, for example) so they were still eating the family meal, just a bit modified.

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On Ways to [Not] Lose Your 43 Pounds of Baby Weight

@Maryaed Thank you from a mom-of-two over 40! Aging is as much of a trip in terms of body changes as pregnancy and childbirth are. But it's also quite awesome.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Get Rid of the Easter Bunny, Seriously, He's Revolting

Love you, Clean Lady!
Another way to kill buggies in things is by freezing - learned this from an importer of international arts & crafts, which often can be infested. I guess I might not put crawly things in my food freezer, but I tried this during the winter with a mask I had that was *revolting* (just left it outside for a few 20 degree days) and it worked like a charm. Also, all bugs hate diatomaceous earth, which is non-chemical so you can dust anything with it(TMI: it's even used as a food additive for animal de-worming), but unless you're near a big garden store it would be hard to find.

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On On the Happiness of Procreation

@Lady Humungus I felt the same way you do, and one thing that helped was to ask all "helpers" to leave us alone (other than short visits) for the first few days home from the birthing center so that my husband and I could begin to sort things out ourselves first. It really was good to have someone around for at least for a few hours after that, though. And def. go for the paternity leave if it's available... my husband took 2 weeks and it went by so, so quickly!

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On The Reproductive Quadratic Equation

@iceberg As mom to pre-teens/teens, I can tell you that it definitely gets easier - hang in there! BUT UGH, still, the no-off-switch thing sometimes....I often find myself thinking, 'What? You want dinner AGAIN? Didn't you just have that last night?'

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