On Friday Open Thread

@twinkiesandwine The internet seems to be giving me conflicting information about pet sedatives. Half of it it like "you need the sedative or else the long trip in the carrier is going to be super traumatic for her, this has been tested many times" and the other half is like "the combination of sedatives and altitude is super dangerous in a cat system and is largely untested and could KILL her".

Other worries: cat needs to pee, cat dander upsets seatmate, I am unable to buy airport food because the airport food places don't allow pets and no way am I leaving her unattended

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On Friday Open Thread

I am flying to my parents' house for two weeks over Christmas, and after looking over my options I decided that my kitty cat would be happier AND she would cost me less money if she stayed with me rather than boarding her at a kennel for two weeks. So I booked the in-cabin kitty ticket for United Airlines. She's required to be in a carrier that fits under the seat. The outgoing trip involves her in the carrier for 10 hours altogether (2 connections) and the return trip has her in the carrier for 6 hours (one connection). Have I made a huge mistake? Have you ever done this? Tips?

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On Friday Open Thread

So I'm donating eggs. Retrieval is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, and I haven't really stopped being squeamish about needles and surgery and the thought of what my ovaries are up to. I want to thank the Anonymous Donor who wrote for The Hairpin last fall for walking me through all this stuff, though. That bit about feeling like there are upsetting orange-sized Goldfish jostling around in your tender midsection is disturbingly true.

I'm also feeling really hormonal and sore and my belly is covered in little pinprick bruises, AND nervous, because the clinic called about my bloodwork from this morning to schedule an extra appointment for tomorrow (Saturday??) in addition to the one they had on the calendar for Sunday (Sunday???), and also told me to decrease my follicle-stimulating hormone injection dose tonight down to zero, which is a way faster decrease than expected and probably my ovaries are getting so big in there they're going to rip themselves out and crush a nearby major metropolitan area or two and ughhh what if something is wrong.

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On Get "Rich" Quick Scheme!

@robyn.andrews Oh I know! One time I flew home for Thanksgiving while I was in college (this was 2010) and I was the only one sleeping on a cot in the women's sleeping room at the airport USO, which directly adjoins the men's sleeping room, where there were a bunch of teen dudes in camo trying to sleep before they shipped out. I could hear them through the wall, and one of them started crying because he was nervous, and they all comforted him but they were nervous too, so they all decided to do pushups together. (!!!)

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On Get "Rich" Quick Scheme!

I have not ACTUALLY done this as a non-dependent. Just a few years ago, as a dependent who needed an updated ID.

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On Get "Rich" Quick Scheme!

The key to doing this is having a military dependent ID in an airport with a USO. Except you will have to hang out with the anxious kids who just got out of Basic and are being shipped to god knows where, while you are only munching on donated snacks that were meant for the troops because the USO desk workers didn't check the expiration date to see you're not a financial dependent of your dad anymore.

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On Team Jane(s)


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On Five-Minute Entertainment Break: Keeping Up With the Trasks

I would be interested in seeing how this comedy troop would interpret MY FAVORITE CHARACTER. He's the one servant of the Trask family, who is a Chinese man born in the US but who spends his whole life pretending to be a racist recent-immigrant-caricature, and then reveals himself when Dad Trask is old, like

"I have been able to speak fluent English this whole time, and also this long braid I wear is wack and doesn't make sense politically!"

and Dad Trask is like

"Why didn't you tell me?"

and the guy is like


and they become bros. Old-dude bros.

I read this a long time ago, I may be forgetting some parts. OH STEINBECK.

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On Girl Talk: Niko

Which GTA game was it with the radio stations in the stolen cars? (Was it... all of them?) I was so entertained by the fake NPR and fake loudmouth conservative talk radio stations for the fifteen minutes my friend let me play GTA in her dorm that I just drove around until I crashed into a body of water.

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On Happy Fourth

I am doing a low-key vegetarian Fourth of July with my neighbor from a couple apartments down. We are marathoning The Wire.

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