On The Oscars

@Scandyhoovian Russell Crowe sings to his own drummer

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On A Guide to Victorian Slang

Drinkitite (Peoples': East London). Thirst. The struggling populace, who chiefly joke (when they joke apart from abuse) over their struggles, having discovered 'bite-etite' as a jocose conversion of appetite--came naturally to give it a correlative in 'drinkitite.' There is also grim satire in the application of the last syllable, which is the common word for 'drunk,' hence 'drinkitite' as a pendent to 'bite-itite' is positively perfect. An East London gentleman gently referring to his continued libations would evasively but emphatically observe: 'I've been on the drinkitite right through the week.'

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On Miss and Mister D.C.

@New Hoarder I've weirdly noticed that Hill staffers seem shorter on average too. Congress was holding hearings this week on possibly raising the DC height limit for buildings, right? These people need to look within their own walls!

(and you know stop dictating how we run our own city but that's another day tralala)

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On Miss and Mister D.C.

At least now I know I'll never be truly beautiful until I turn Republican and start jogging daily on the Mall.

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On If Obituaries Were in the Conditional

I think this specific tense ("would have") is called the "conditional perfect" -- which seems really fitting.

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On Go!

Ah, so it's "doubt all my life choices" time again... woohoo. Must be Tuesday. Hey, it really is Tuesday! Right on. I have a nice fat digit next to my name, too -- it just has a negative sign in front of it. (Thanks, grad school debt). Will spend the rest of the day fantasizing about what I'd do with $34,000, a condo I could rent out while I was away, and a few plane and train tickets -- insert wistful sighs liberally.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Katharine Hepburn's Trousers

Did anyone hear about/read that biography by a Hollywood bartender claiming he and Spencer Tracy got it on? Also claimed the romance between Tracy and Hepburn was phony, I think? An excerpt (from a Salon article):

"As we stashed away dishes and glassware, George [Cukor] and I also discussed the phony romance between Tracy and Katharine Hep­burn that the studio and the publicists had concocted for public con­sumption."

Article: http://www.salon.com/2012/02/16/my_gay_affair_with_spencer_tracy/

Not sure what credence (if any) people put on this dude's account, though. Just remember saying "huh" when I saw it.

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On Secret Weddings, Self-Googling, and the Unfriend

I Google Myself
(by Mel Nichols)

I Google myself
I want you to love me
When I feel down
I want you to Google me
I search myself
I want you to find me
I Google myself
I want you to remind me

I don’t Google anybody else
When I think about you
I Google myself
I don’t Google anybody else
At home alone in the middle of the night
I Google myself

I Google myself
And see you before me
Any fool could see
Just how much I Google myself
Get down on your knees &
Friend me and Poke me

I don’t Google anybody else
When I think about you
I Google myself
Ooh I don’t Google anybody else
At home alone in the middle of the night
I Google myself
and I like what I see
Oh oh oh oh I can’t stop Googling myself
1,690,000 results for Googling myself
When I haven’t Googled myself for a while
You’re the sun who makes me shine
I’m one of millions who constantly Google themselves
I want to make you mine
I don’t Google anybody else
And when I think about you I Google myself
Ooh, ooh, oo, oo ahh


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On Questionably Tattooed Manchildren and New Uses for Old Jars

@Rookie You're just a virgin who can't drive.

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On What Old Book Do I Read If … ?

@FinalGirl - oh yes. I could talk about the ending of Villette for hours (I'm obsessed) but I must restrain myself, since there are many (too many) people who haven't read the greatest Bronte novel ever yet... but oh! ohhhhhhhh.

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