On The Cider Report

Oh gosh. So many other options.

Crispin's is nice if you prefer your ciders dry.

If you can, try and find the Cinful Cider by Angry Orchard. It was a seasonal, though, so you might have difficulty.

I prefer mine sweet, so I tend towards Angry Orchard, J.K. Scrumpy's, Spire Dark & Dry (which to my palate is neither :) ) Sea Cider is also super good!

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On What I've Learned From Three Years Without Shampoo

I've been super happy using stuff from here:

I use their peppermint tea tree shampoo bar, mainly because my scalp is weird and gets irritated easily. And they have a nice ACV spray.

AND it's darn cheap! And shipping is fast! And I really do like them, a lot :)

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On Geek Love

It's been over a year... but we're putting on GeekGirlCon this coming weekend! You all should come and visit :)

(October 19th - 20th.)

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On Geek Love

@catspajamas Do both! We're trying to make it as family-friendly as possible, especially since it means exposing young people to nerdy and geeky things.

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On Geek Love

@Luckier I'll pass that on :)

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On Geek Love

@Xanthophyllippa Please, yes, do - I'd love to see a Hairpin presence there. There ought to be secret hand signals, or a pin, or SOMETHING.

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On Geek Love

@BornSecular We are still figuring out the dates for next year! So keep the bits crossed :)

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On Geek Love

YOU GUYS. You don't even know how much happiness this is bringing to me RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT.

I'm on the staff for GeekGirlCon (not a lie, I swear - I'm the vendor coordinator), and I am going to pass this on to them, even though I got the link originally from our PR lady.

This sums up exactly how I feel right now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlJM4UhbQ7A

Also, you all should come next year. All of you. There should be a 'Pinners meet-up, so that I can meet all of you (EVERY SINGLE ONE).

It was a wonderful, lovely, welcoming, safe, full-of-love con. And we're gonna make it even more awesome next year.

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On 'Pin Picks: Se7en

What about any of the Hinges of History, by Thomas Cahill?

Mysteries of the Middle Ages, Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea, How the Irish Saved Civilisation, etc...

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