On Becoming a Better Lazy Vegetarian

I buy Amy's frozen meals-- they're vegetarian and delicious and good for you! and with the bonus of zero prep time and no dishes to wash

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On Our Bella, Ourselves

Her danger lies precisely in how real she is. Bella’s character speaks to that insecure teenage girl in all of us who really believes that she just can’t make it. The fact that the Twilight world revolves around Bella and gives her everything she wants (not even in spite of, but because of her reckless, irresponsible, and weak behavior) romanticizes and validates the negative views we have internalized from the way our society views girls and women. Yes, she is an interesting study of how we view ourselves, but she is also a dangerous archetype to perpetuate, and Twihards’ adoration for her is a red flag for all true feminists.

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