On Relax. You're in Los Angeles.

I enjoyed this too. Haters gonna hate.

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On The Prom King on Instagram, 10 Years After the Party

This was hilarious and delightful. The descriptions of your parents and job are killing me.

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On An Open Letter of Resignation From Sideboob

This is just fantastic.

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On Sex Phases, Red Flags, and "I Just Don't Think You'd Be a Good Parent"

@jaimie GET AN IUD! Seriously, I went off of hormonal birth control for just a month (because I couldn't get into my doctor for a refill) and I noticed that I was constantly jumping my bf's bones. When I put two and two together, I swore off birth control for life. There is no reason to be scared of an IUD, the insertion is uncomfortable, but it is 100% effective. As in you cannot get pregnant. Period. Talk to your doctor, I really think it is a shame to waste a perfectly good sex drive!

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On Qreamed Quorn

@Jaya This is seriously the funniest series, I get so excited whenever you post new recipes. I know you are probably getting tired of it, but if you continue in this quest (not even an ironic Q!) I will find it hilarious, every. single. time. Thank you.

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On Interview With a Virgin: Ben

@Reginal T. Squirge My first crush was the first time I saw a boy.

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On Stay-at-Home Dads and the Confrontation-Averse

@Emmanuelle Cunt Agreed. I think they'll get back together, have terrible sex and then remember why they broke up in the first place.

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On First Phone Photos: A Time Capsule

@Bittersweet He has the best tan I've ever seen

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On First Phone Photos: A Time Capsule

@Briony Fields Yes, I wish there was a GIF of that seagull

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On First Phone Photos: A Time Capsule

@charlesbois Yes addition 2! I could totally look at 900 of these. I mean it's Friday, not doing anything else...

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