On The Gift of Small Predictions: January Horoscopes from Galactic Rabbit

On par with The Rumpus' Madame Clairvoyant. Brava, Galactic Rabbit!

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On December 13th Now and Forever to Be Known as Beyday, a Celebration of Excellence, Surprises and Grown-Ass Women

Bey does not need my props (obviously), but I offer to them to Jia for this post. I wish my fangirling was as articulate as this.

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On Ask Baba Yaga: There's Got to Be a Way to Exist Without Constantly Inflating and Deflating My Ego

BABA you've come back just when I needed you. <3

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On Ask a Glutton: I'm Through With Eggs

Here is the answer to breakfast:

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On 5 Conversations Resulting From the Scene In The Counselor Involving Cameron Diaz's Vagina

@codi_cathleen I got my first wax 2 years ago after avoiding it for most of my life and now I do it a few times a year (regular bikini, never Brazilian...like I think if a dude was really into sculpted pubes that would indicate a fundamental incompatibility between us) and then shave in between. Yeah the hair growth thing can be a challenge timing-wise, but I get better results from shaving with the occasional wax (sparser hair, especially on the inner thigh area, and fewer bumps).

So I am pro-wax, but very low-key about it.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Lily Rowan oh, got it, sorry! I found the sponge when I was in a serious relationship & wanted to quit the hormones and it seemed like the greatest thing ever. Now I tend (try) to stick with condoms the first few outings until trust/monogamy has been established.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Oliver St. John Mollusc I love your costume idea. You definitely need to recycle that with bunnies when you know more fun dudes in the future.

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On Friday Open Thread

@j-i-a THANKS that is amazing (how is there a Hairpin post I MISSED what) and I am relieved to realize that due to the whole stay-still-for-15-minutes thing I didn't miss an important opportunity to use this to change my life this week. Good luck to you and your containers though!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Lily Rowan Not sure what you mean exactly? Not a barrier in the way condoms (male or female) are. Little round sponge that goes inside on your cervix. It will probs move around in there (if he's doing it right, har har) but it's ok b/c it also has spermicide. Pros: not hormonal, doesn't affect sensation, excellent for timing (once it's in you can have sex whenever for the next 24 hours, so there's no fumbling in the moment if you thought ahead). Cons: expensive, not always in stock at drug stores (but can be ordered for cheaper online), like a couple of percentage points less effective than condoms or hormones according to the research.

Sorry to hijack this thread for my extensive birth control comparison knowledge. But I still want to know what dick hole mind control is! I feel like it could have come in real handy if I'd learned about it a week ago. :-/

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On Friday Open Thread

@KatieBarTheDoor Sephora sells lots of brands that don't test on animals. I'm not sure their helpers are always the MOST knowledgeable but they've definitely been able to help me pick the right shade of concealer etc. And you can return stuff if you get it home and hate it.

My preferred brands, which all appear at a cursory glance to be animal-testing-free:
Benefit (concealer, mascara, blush, highlighter)
Urban Decay (their Naked line is great for face-makeup, I use the BB cream)
Smashbox (eyeliner)

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