By twolle on Dating Profiles, Edited for Honesty

@PomoFrannyGlass How can anyone's favorite book be The Pale King? It's not even a finished book. It's barely even an edited book. aggh

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on The Gift of Small Predictions: January Horoscopes from Galactic Rabbit

Goddamn, as a Cancer, it HAS been a rough year! So I'm looking forward to those superpowers, please and thank you, moon.

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By katiemcgillicuddy on Friday Open Thread

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) Thanks for starting the thread, Rookie. My Fridays have been weird/ hectic lately. I'm glad the league is helping you like fantasy sports! Although, screw the damn thing, I am just getting killed in it this year.

Baseball playoffs have been insane, I love it. Yasiel Puig is just...this is exactly the kind of guy baseball needs, he's super fun to watch, he's an absolutely incredible athlete, and he loves playing. It's become such a regional sport over the years, baseball, but this guy? This is a guy who fans of EVERY team want to see, and that can only be good for baseball. Go Dodgers.

@Oliver St. John Mollusc Really hoping the Cards don't get in (sorry Cards fans). Good luck with your romantically dramatic football team!

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By planforamiracle on Friday Open Thread

DUDE, I have no dramatic reconciliation stories or advice, BUT, Susan Miller was spot on for me today. I mentioned above that a boy I have a crush on and hung out with/went on a pseudo-date with, told me he's gay today (in advance of our plan this evening.) I had no idea.

Here is what Susan had to say about today:
"A full moon lunar eclipse on October 18 will reveal what has been going on behind the scenes without your knowledge. [...] You may feel shaken by the news this eclipse brings, but keep in mind that the universe is sending you this news to protect you."


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By Kulojam on The Treat Yo Self Pie

This past week: 100% not doing the dishes. F 'em.
Tonight (because I got paid): 100% not doing the dishes PLUS wine and takeout.
Dishes will keep 'til Saturday.

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By redridinghoodrat on The Treat Yo Self Pie

@SmartCookie @sarahp I, too, get into Bold Lip Looks while watching Netflix cross-legged on the carpet of my studio apartment, wearing exercise pants I forgot to exercise in.

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By Gulfie on Friday Open Thread

@realtalk This was the best way to start my morning
<33 so happy for you

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By realtalk on Friday Open Thread

@PomoFrannyGlass I got out of a soul destroying relationship and spent four months having enthusiastic no strings attached sex until I got sick of people I was sleeping with not giving a shit about me. I traveled for six months and learned a new language and did stuff for me and came back content to wait, just not interested in making the effort. and then I met a friend of a friend while visiting family on the opposite coast and just. it's everything. it's everything I never could have described wanting. I've never felt so safe and supported and loved and cherished just for being me, I've never felt so beautiful, I've never felt so passionately about all of the amazing things that my partner does and is. he's so smart! and so kind! and so thoughtful and creative and caring and I want to know every single thing about him, and it's mutual.

being in a relationship again is bringing up some mucky stuff from the bottom of my soul pond and he's excited when we talk it out, and I feel so safe exploring that, figuring out what pieces of my past aren't useful to me anymore, figuring out which ones I need to come to peace with. I probably COULD do it without him, but I'm so glad he's doing it with me. and the other great thing is that THAT is mutual too.

plus, you know. best sex of my life. the only downside is we live 3000 miles apart. y'all. I can't even deal with how much I'm in love with him. brb running away to brooklyn so we can hold hands and kiss all the time.

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By Harriet Welch on Friday Open Thread

The year all of my friends died, I was in a nihilist style weird fake-relationship where we threw dice to decide how long we were going to be in love.
When that weirdly blew up in our faces (and HOW!?), we eventually became drinking buddies and writing soundboards. Then I went on OKC dates 30% to find a mate and 70% to have writing fodder for a project with dreamed up with said writing soundboard.

Coincidentally, my dice-throwing partner met his wife the last night of our dice roll, when we elected to end it. I met my husband the night of their moving-away party. Big time loves all around.

Life is weird and you can't really anticipate the stuff that happens.

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By Gulfie on Friday Open Thread

@PomoFrannyGlass Thank you for this thread! I also need to hear these things right now.

@blueblazes I want this hard.

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