On Not a Fever Dream

Not apparently, it totally WAS a real show. And I watched it religiously. Old school Disney Channel FTW.

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On MTV Day

@charmcity Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery? Beethoven Lives Upstairs? Also, Mr. Bach Comes to Call? ALL OF MY JAMS.

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On Talking the Talk

@Squareface THANK YOU.

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On Talking the Talk

@Squareface THANK YOU.

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On Texts From Nancy Drew

this post= ALL THE LOVE.

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On How Ya Been, Pin Pals?

My 'pin pal and I have exchanged exactly one letter apiece (I hope she got mine..), but all you gals are inspiring me to break tradition and just send her another little something in the mail! Watch your mail, Miss E!

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On An Interview With Nutella

@Emmanuelle Cunt I am on board with all of those things.

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On Trigger Warnings for Everyone!

@Kirs Are you me? Fearless and passionate and self-possessed though high school and then college hits and you realize you actually have no skills? Because...I also play viola, and I am concerned you are my doppelganger.
I feel your pain with going to classical concerts. Even though I still play for fun (and $$- yay weddings), I'm still afraid I'll go to a concert and cry through the whole thing.

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On Trigger Warnings for Everyone!

@ginalouise I know the percussionist (and his girlfriend) who didn't get tenure...
Yeah, I totally understand- even though I hold a degree in performance (VIOLA!), I still went on to become a librarian. The pressure and rejection- too much.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Code Name Dolphin Capricorn

Shout out for early morning crushes! I had a crush on a guy I never actually saw, but I could always hear him practicing piano. Romantic Brahms!

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