On "The Logic of Stupid Poor People," Or, the Only Thing Worth Reading About the Barneys "Shopping While Black" Arrests

@Spaghettius! Definitely agreed about the tension of the "buy quality" vs. "hot new trend" messages. ALSO, even if you buy a "classic" piece I'd be really hard pressed to think of something that would just never ever be out of style, which is not so much about being on the bleeding edge of trendiness, but also not looking like you climbed out of a time machine from 10 years in the past. Even with classic pieces there are changes to the overall design that are based on whatever's of-the-moment, the changes are just more subtle than they would be with something that's more fast-fashion.

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On What Is Most Millennial?

@jengetsaround I also recommend Peasant's Quest (http://www.homestarrunner.com/disk4of12.html).

Anyone play the Laura Bow games? Roberta Williams was the creator on those as well. The Colonel's Bequest & The Dagger of Amon Ra filled my Nancy Drew-lovin' heart with joy.

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On Best D.C. Metro Stations to Name a Baby After

@rallisaurus My mom lives there! The restoration work they've done so far is pretty glorious.

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On Best D.C. Metro Stations to Name a Baby After

@stuffisthings And grumpy as all get-out! He spent a lot of time telling people how Congress had ripped him off and hadn't paid him properly for the city plans. I reckon he was fun at parties.

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On Best D.C. Metro Stations to Name a Baby After

@Blondsak Ha! Oh man, I looove Trohv (manage to limit my visits to when I absolutely need an awesome present because otherwise it's financially destructive for me, like I'll just pop in whoops just spent 100 bucks). This is made more difficult by the fact that it is literally right across from my apt.

Pretty excited about Busboys and Poets and Republic coming to the 'hood.

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On Best D.C. Metro Stations to Name a Baby After

Takoma: Takoma is not a very good name for a girl baby, but I like it because I grew up there. We had a town rooster and when he died we built him a statue.

Takoma virtual fistbump! There is now a Neopolitan pizza place named after the dearly departed rooster. It's pretty good and the bartenders are nice.

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On Daisy, You're a Drip, Dear: Detestable Literary Characters Who Are Not Technically Villains

@par_parenthese I was waiiiing for someone to say this! Everyone's jerks, there's no one to root for, but man is it gorgeous or what.

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On Close-Reading a Controversial List

@Katzen-party I totally saw Headhunters recently and rather enjoyed it so: seconded. It is also on Netflix, but not the streaming Netflix I don't think? I don't know because streaming Netflix is no good for my queue which includes subtitled things and documentaries and the complete works of Jan Švankmajer.

I'm also not at all interested in GoT and it makes me feel similar to the time when I was not at all interested in watching The Wire. Sorry not sorry!

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On Red Pill, Blue Pill

@iknowright I totally saw one of the low-T gel commercials for the first time when I was watching CNN at the gym yesterday. And when they ran down the list of side-effects and also who shouldn't be touching you (so, like, everybody?) I was all: this seems...sort of sub-optimal for basically everyone in the gel guy's life?

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On Here's Brad Paisley's Horrible New Song "Accidental Racist"

@Lily Rowan Ask and ye shall receive! http://yoisthisracist.com/post/47479962514/hemogoblins-and-about-1-1-million-other-people

(spoiler alert: yo, it is certainly racist.)

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